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Supreme quality is what sets up apart from the rest. Quality is what will help you sell tiles and grow your brand. So, don’t make any sacrifices there!

Beware: It’s Always Easy to Overlook Handmade Tiles Quality

When you get wholesale unique tiles, it is easy to overlook the importance of quality. But, if you want to create a sustainable business or expect to utilize tiles for the long-term, quality is an important factor. It can make or break your business.

We know there are many manufacturers who sell duplicate, low-grade tiles in the market. In fact, quality issues are one of the main shortcomings that customers face when buying from China. So, always pay attention to the certifications of the company.

The Benchmark of China Tiles Quality

Nothing can replace quality. At Tiletell, prime quality is our defining factor. We believe that quality is beneficial for us, our customers, as well as our environment. It guarantees enhanced durability, strength, and a longer lifespan. High-quality tiles are also safe.

Your satisfaction is more important to us than lowering the quality for quick sales. We want our customers to consider our tiles as an investment. With good maintenance, our tiles can be the company for generations.

Heavy commercial

Heavy residential

Non freeze thaw rated

Radiant heating compatible

Low water absorption

Anti slip

The TileTell Quality Control

With a rising reputation for providing A-grade quality tiles, we have set the benchmark for tile quality in China. Tiletell has a strict and thorough quality control process in place. We only source high-quality raw materials to process tiles. While monitoring every phase of the manufacturing process, we also conduct a quality control inspection at the end of production on each tile, ensuring they meet the required standards.

Tile Formation

Quality Check of Tile Formation

Tile Glazing

Quality Check of Tile Glazing

The Firing Process

Quality Check of Tile Firing

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