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Top 10 Best Backsplash Tile Manufacturers

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Looking to import best backsplash tile for your projects ?

One of the best ways to spruce up a wall is installing a backsplash. Backsplash wall installation has created a new market for tile manufacturing. Backsplash tiles range from handmade, artisanal, and the more common ceramic, porcelain, mosaic, and marble materials.

Having said these, this post features 10 of the best backsplash tile manufacturers in the market today. Knowing where to look for what when it comes to backsplash tiles is essential. Thus, read on.


1.Main Backsplash Tile Industry Regions in The World

2.List of the Best 10 Backsplash Tile Suppliers and Manufacturers


I.Main Backsplash Tile Industry Regions in The World

Strikingly, the tile industry is concentrated in specific regions in the world. The most manufactured type of tile would be ceramic as it is most in demand because of its cost-efficiency and other strong selling points. It is also a go-to choice for backsplash tiles. The following countries are the main backsplash tile industry regions in the world.


Since 2014, China is consistent as the top tile manufacturer across all types and categories in the Asia-Pacific region. In 2021 alone, consolidated reports tally that it produced 41% of all ceramic, porcelain, and vitrified tiles manufactured in the world. This equates to 5.2B square meters of tiles produced.

As far as backsplash tile production is concerned, the Chinese tile industry is concentrated in five major provinces. These are the provinces of Hebei, Shandong, Jiangxi, Fujian and Guangdong.  


From 2014-2022, India remains to be the top 2 top tile manufacturers in the world next to China. In 2019, India produced 10% of the world’s supply of ceramic and porcelain tiles. This is equivalent to 1.2B square meters of tiles produced for that year alone.

In India, Morbi is considered as the tile city. It is the main manufacturer of wall, floor, and roofing tiles. It is also the top Indian producer of natural stone, quartz, ceramic, marble, and porcelain tiles.


In the Latin American region, nothing comes close to Brazil. Inside the list of top manufacturing countries in the world, it is consistently at the third spot next to India. In 2020, Brazil produced 840M square meters of tiles used for backsplash, among others.

Annual reports testify that Brazil produces all types of tiles known and commercialized except for porcelanato because of its very expensive production. The concentration of tile production in Brazil is in Sao Paulo, its capital state, as it contributes 71% of the total tile production of the country.


The US is not just a top manufacturer of tiles. From 2012-2018, the US was declared rank one in terms of tile importation. In 2021 alone, the US imported 7.6% of the tile demand of the world. This is equivalent to 209M square meters of tile produced.

In 2020, USA-based Mohawk Industries Inc. was heralded as the top tile manufacturing company in the world. The top tile manufacturing companies of the US are scattered in Texas, Florida, and Tennessee, among others.

II.List of the Best 10 Backsplash Tile Suppliers and Manufacturers

Now that we have covered some of the basic information regarding the top tile manufacturing countries in the world, it is time to look at the best backsplash tile suppliers and manufacturers. Company information is also included for you to square out why they remain as the top manufacturing companies in the backsplash tile market today.

1. TileTell

Tiletell - China Top 10 Backsplash Tile Manufacturers

Photo by Tiletell

Founded in 2008, TileTell is a top backsplash tile manufacturer in China. It is located in Guangdong, one of the five major Chinese provinces for tile manufacturing. It is known for its unique handmade tiles made mostly of ceramic, porcelain and natural stone.

With its solid reputation and high in-stock supply, it is a popular supplier amongst Chinese hotels, transportation hubs, and of course for residential and commercial spaces.

Type of Business: Design, Manufacturer and Supplier

Location: Foshan, Guangdong Province, China

Year Established: 2008

Company Background and Advantage: TileTell offers a wide range of tile choices to be installed in walls, floorings, for tile bars and more applications. It has a reputation for being a leader in supporting small-scale tile distributors and start-up companies not only in China but also in other Asian countries.

Its large in-stock supply also generated an extensive manufacturing portfolio as they have partnered with more than 2000 companies in 96 countries.

Products and Services Offered: Design and free quotation for tile installation, manufacture and supply of ceramic, porcelain, natural stone, and handmade tiles including backsplash tiles, artisanal tiles and terrazzo.  

2.The Tile Shop

 The Tile Shop- Top 10 Backsplash Tile Manufacturers

Phote By The Tile Shop

Type of Business: Manufacturer and Supplier

Location: Hamilton, New Jersey

Year Established: 1985

Company Background and Advantage:  The Tile Shop is a leading manufacturer of bespoke tiles and decorative backsplashes mainly for bathrooms and kitchens. They have a tile visualizer for online quotations. They also offer tile customization, product rewards and up to date blogs for new tile series.

Products and Services Offered: Wide range of tiles for different applications, exclusive/customized tiles, finishing pieces, free quotation and online assistance.

3. Riad Tile

Riad Tile  - Top 10 Backsplash Tile Manufacturers

Photo by Riad Tile

When it comes to handmade backsplash tiles, Riad Tile is one of the best manufacturers to consider. Its expertise is the manufacture of Moroccan, Zellige, Spanish and terrazzo tiles. They are also well-loved for their premium and artisanal tiles for a statement space.

Their large in-stock supply makes them a go-to supplier for standout walls, floorings and backsplashes for residential and commercial units specifically for restaurants, hotels, and bars. They are one of the main suppliers in North American states.

Type of Business: Manufacturer and Supplier

Location: Dallas, Texas

Year Established: 2017

Company Background and Advantage: Although it is mainly an online store, it is still one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of unique tiles in the US. They mainly manufacture artisanal tiles which are perfect as backsplash tiles.

Its main advantage is the variety of tile sizes they manufacture. They also offer tile customization.

Products and Services Offered: Cement tile, Zellige, Moroccan, Spanish, marble, terrazzo and other exotic tiles for unique backsplash tiles.

4. DalTile

Daltile - Top 10 Backsplash Tile Manufacturers

Photo by Daltile

Since 2010, DalTile has been among the top five tile manufacturing companies in the USA. Its main manufacturing sites are concentrated in Texas and in Mexico. For backsplash tiles, they offer a wide range of tile types across various materials.

Some of their most loved tiles are their ceramic mosaics, glazed and unglazed tiles, glass and metal tiles and quarry stone tiles. One of their strongest suits is their availability. They have 250 physical stores in North America. They also have a working online gallery for online buying.

Type of Business: Manufacturer and Supplier

Location: Dallas, Texas

Year Established: 1947

Company Background and Advantage: DalTile is known for their large in-stock supply, large format tiles and full slab tiles. They are also known for their patented tile designs and countertop products.

They also have a large network of customers across the world so you can always check testimonies in terms of the quality of their tile products.

Products and Services Offered: Glass, mosaic, ceramic and metal tiles; concrete manufacturing; finishing pieces.

5. Tilebar

Tilebar - Top 10 Backsplash Tile Manufacturers

Photo by Tile Bar

Although it is considerably a young tile manufacturing company, it has become popular over the years because of its innovative and unique tile production. Its strong suit is on customized tile designs and a direct importer of ceramic, marble, porcelain, and glass tiles to more than 50 countries.  

Some of its best sellers include artisanal tiles, Moroccan and terrazzo tiles which are perfect as backsplash tiles. They also have premium tile series to vibe with different design schemes.

Type of Business: Manufacturer and Supplier, Wholesale Building Materials

Location: Inwood, New York, USA

Year Established: 2006

Company Background and Advantage: Even if TileBar is essentially young, it offers a wide range of tile products to choose from. They feature more than 600 tile choices for kitchen, bathroom, indoor and outdoor spaces.

All tile choices are in-stock and readily available. Their main advantage is their flat rate shipping and one-year warranty and return service.

Products and Services Offered: Same-day shipping; porcelain, marble, ceramic, glass and mosaic tiles; online assistance and free quotation.

6. Artistictile

Artistic Tile - Top 10 Backsplash Tile Manufacturers

Photo by Artistictile

As the name suggests, if you are in need of unique, stylish, artsy and customized tiles for your backsplash, Artistic Tile should be highly considered. Their showrooms are widely available in New York, New Jersey, Texas, Tennessee, California and Chicago.

They also help start-up construction products companies and suppliers with their trade program. Their expertise is on marble, natural stone, glass, mosaic and porcelain tiles.

Type of Business: Manufacturer and Supplier

Location: Secaucus, New Jersey, USA

Year Established: 1987

Company Background and Advantage: One can expect high-level of customer care and assistance from Artistic Tile. Having been around for decades, they have had significant projects such as in the Rockefeller Center, Epstein Holdings, and the Waldorf Astoria, among others.

Their main advantage is their large in-stock supply, good customer service, and their luxe tile series.

Products and Services Offered: Design services; marble, porcelain, glass, mosaic, and natural stone tiles; online quoting and assistance.

7. Fireclay Tile

Fireclay Tile - China Backsplash Tile Manufacturer

Photo by Fireclay Tile

When it comes to reputation in the tile manufacturing industry, Fireclay Tile does not fall short. It is one of the first tile manufacturers to have been certified as B Corp tile company because of its eco-friendly, premium tiles.

Their tile expertise is concentrated on handcrafted brick, glass, and ceramic tiles. They are also well-known for their stenciled and hand painted tiles for more unique styles.

Type of Business: Manufacturer and Supplier

Location: Aromas, California, USA

Year Established: 1986

Company Background and Advantage: This company is laureled with many industrial certifications. They are one of the few Climate Neutral certified tile manufacturers in North America.

They also have a LEED certification thanks to their sustainability measures. Their main market advantage is their years of trusted service and the availability and quality of their handmade tiles.

Products and Services Offered: Handmade, glazed and unglazed brick, glass, and ceramic tiles; design consultations.

8. Marazzi

Marazzi Tile - Top 10 Backsplash Tile Manufacturers

Photo by Marazzi

The Marazzi Group is a top tile manufacturing company founded in Italy. It has long expanded and was bought by the Mohawk Industries in the USA in 2013. Its reputation is focused on its quality porcelain tiles, as well as glazed and unglazed ceramic and glass tiles.

While Marazzi is not engaged in direct retail, they have more than 100 store subsidiaries in the US and in Europe which supply tiles to both big home improvement stores and small start-up companies.

Type of Business: Manufacturer and Supplier

Location: Sassuolo, Modena, Italy

Year Established: 1935

Company Background and Advantage: With its roots in Italy, it has sustained its reputation as being the symbol of handmade and quality porcelain, mosaic and glass tiles. Its tiles are distributed in more than 145 countries. Its main advantage would be its classic Italian tile designs and wide range of construction products.

Products and Services Offered: Tile manufacturing; construction products such as stoneware, slabs, raised floors and ventilation; design consultation; architectural solutions.

9. Nemo Tile + Stone

Nemo Tile and Stone - Top 10 Backsplash Tile Manufacturers

Photo by Nemo Tile + Stone

The Nemo Tile and Stone has been manned by three generations of the Karlin family. They offer a unique selection of ceramic, glass, metal, stone, and custom tiles. Their showrooms and main manufacturing units are found mainly in New York. In 2017, their first New Jersey showroom opened.

Having reached their 100th anniversary in 2021, they launched five new tile series. They have an accessible online gallery and a reputable name in commercial, industrial and home improvement categories.

Type of Business: Manufacturer and Supplier; Wholesale Building Materials

Location: New York, USA

Year Established: 1921

Company Background and Advantage: The main selling point of Nemo is their high-end selection of tiles. Their expertise is on glass, and natural stone tiles. They are also well-accoladed by the tile industry award giving bodies. In 2014, they were given the Top North American Distributor Award by the Italian Association of Ceramics.

Products and Services Offered: Porcelain, glass, ceramic, natural stone, and marble tiles; stone slabs and countertops; custom cabinets.

10. Terrazzo Tiles

 Terrazzo Tiles - Top 10 Backsplash Tile Manufacturers

Photo by Terrazzo Tiles

The Terrazzo Tiles has long been dubbed as one of the most reputable UK tile manufacturers having been around for 33 years. They are a wholesale supplier of handmade tiles, most specifically of Zellige, Moroccan and terrazzo tiles.

With their premium quality handmade tiles, they have showrooms not only across Europe but also in Middle Eastern countries such as Dubai, Kuwait, and Israel. To widen their reach, they also launched an online assessment and gallery and diversified into manufacturing finishing pieces and construction products.

Type of Business: Manufacturer and Supplier

Location: Belsize Park, London

Year Established: 1989

Company Background and Advantage: It is a London-based tile manufacturer with more than 30 years of good reputation. In the UK alone, they have 15 showrooms for different tiles including Moroccan, Zellige and terrazzo tiles. All tile series have high in-stock availability. They are available online with good customer service.

Products and Services Offered: Handmade tiles; porcelain, ceramic and cement tiles, Terrazzo, Zellige and Moroccan tiles.


There are a million backsplash tiles to choose from because the market does not fall short of reputable backsplash tile manufacturers too. From handmade, to artisanal, to full slab, small size and large format backsplash tiles, there are experts in the field that keep the production intact and at a premium quality.

The backsplash tile manufacturers featured here are some of the reasons as to why backsplashing continues to be one of the best revamping methods in home spaces.

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