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10 Best Handmade Tiles Plus 30 Popular Pattern Ideas

10 Best Handmade Tiles


Handmade tiles have a league of their own. Almost all common types of tile materials have a handmade version. They are more rogue when it comes to edges, have a wide range of colors, patterns, and are versatile to use for different types of design schemes.

If you are considering handmade tiles for a new remodeling project or any home interior, sift through this post as we feature the best handmade tiles along with some popular pattern ideas.


1.10 Best Handmade Tiles Overview

2.What Type of Material is Best for Handmade Tile?

3.Handmade Tile Applications: Where to Put Handmade Tiles?

4.7 Steps to Choose the Best Handmade Tiles

5.30 Stunning Handmade Tile Design Ideas You’ve Probably Never Seen

6.FAQs When Buying Handmade Tiles

I.10 Best Handmade Tiles Overview

Handmade tiles consist of a wide array of tiles. The following are considered as the best handmade tiles, nonetheless. With their pros and cons, this section gives an overview of the best handmade tiles out there.

1.Handmade Subway Tile

Pink Handmade Subway Tile Bathroom Wall

Pink Handmade Subway Tile >>>

Photo by Tiletell

You would know right away that a subway tile is handmade thanks to its rougher edges and quite dented look. When it comes to backsplash tiles, porcelain handmade subway tiles are the best. The matted ones are used for bathroom walls on the other hand.


  • Versatile patterns.
  • Comes in many colors.
  • Unique edged and dented look.


  • May look outdated.
  • Challenging to install.

2.Handmade Mexican Tile

Handmade Mexican Tile

Handmade Mexican Tile >>>

Photo by Tiletell

Mexican tiles are handmade tiles through and through. They are not just colorful but are also graphic. It is fired and molded differently, thus, comes with a unique texture. Handmade Mexican tiles are versatile in use. However, their most common application would be flooring and kitchen backsplash walls.


  • High decorative value.
  • Colorful and graphic.
  • For contemporary and Mediterranean design schemes.


  • Limited application.
  • Needs professional installation.
  • Expensive.

3.Handmade Ceramic Tile

Handmade Ceramic Tile Bathroom Wall

Handmade Ceramic Tile Bathroom Wall >>>

Photo by Tiletell

Handmade ceramic tiles are very versatile. They come in different finishes and colors, durable and inexpensive. They are also DIY friendly for those who are cost-cutting on tile installation. You can find applications of handmade ceramic tiles mostly on walls and backsplashes.


  • Inexpensive.
  • Easy to install.
  • Durable and with a wide color variety.


  • May crack or break for flooring.
  • Availability of same colored tiles might be questionable.

4.Handmade Clay Tile

Handmade Clay Tiles Indoor and Outdoor >>>

Photo by Tiletell

When it comes to insulation, clay tiles are one of the best choices. As such, they are common when it comes to flooring of different interior spaces such as kitchens and bathrooms. They look organic and earthy too so they look best in tropical, boho and coastal design schemes.


  • Low maintenance.
  • Durable and weather resistant.
  • Insulation capacity.
  • High aesthetic value.


  • Requires professional installation.
  • Colors may be limited.

5.Handmade Moroccan Zellige Tile

100x100mm Handmade Moroccan Zellige Tile >>>

Photo by Vulcanotiles

This is another handmade tile through and through. Like the Mexican and Spanish handmade tiles, this one is also graphic and very colorful. The clay it is made of specifically comes from Morocco, hence, the name. They are perfect for outdoor flooring, bathroom flooring, and most of all backsplash walls.


  • Stylish and very unique.
  • High aesthetic value.
  • Very durable.
  • Versatile use.


  • Expensive.
  • Hard to install DIY.

6. Handmade White Tile

Nordic Idyll Handmade White Tile

Nordic Idyll Handmade White Tile >>>

Photo by Tiletell

Be it made of marble, porcelain, cement or ceramic, handmade white tiles are for classic, minimalist, modern and contemporary design schemes. If you want the crisp and neat lines in your walls and flooring, opt for handmade white tiles. Grout color is essential when it comes to white tiles.Stacking patterns must also be chosen well.


  • Not picky when it comes to contrast.
  • Apt for a wide range of design schemes.
  • High aesthetic value.
  • Comes in many finishes.


  • May look outdated.

7. Green Handmade Tile

Green Handmade Square Tile

Green Handmade Square Tile >>>

Photo by Tiletell

For organic and earthy tones, go for green handmade tiles. They are perfect for bathroom walls, trims, and for accent walls. They can be subway tiles, mosaic, porcelain or ceramic.They offer cool tones to a wall. They are not so much used for flooring because they are not that versatile when it comes to contrasts.


  • Has a cool and earthy effect.
  • Perfect for walls, floorings, trims and accents.
  • Made using different tile materials.
  • High decorative value.


  • Green hues are picky when it comes to contrast.
  • Not recommended for flooring.

8.Handmade Cement Tile

Handmade Cement Tile Background >>>

Photo by Tiletell

Although more expensive than mosaic, ceramic and porcelain, handmade cement tiles never disappoint, decoratively and in terms of applications. Textured and comes in a range of colors, handmade cement tiles can be used for both indoor and outdoor applications for walls and floorings alike.


  • Graphic and highly customizable.
  • Perfect for contemporary and modern designs.
  • Versatile use.


  • They are hard to fit in certain surfaces.
  • Not as glossy as other handmade tiles.
  • More expensive than other tile types.

9. Handmade Square Tile

Yellow Handmade Square Tile Bar

Yellow Handmade Square Tile Bar >>>

Photo by Tiletell

This is perhaps the most common tile type for all kinds of tile uses. Whatever the material it is made of, it is versatile for both walls and floorings. It comes in small to large formats. It also comes in different finishes depending on the material it is made of. As for color, the choice is virtually limitless.


  • The easiest tile to fit.
  • Comes in a wide range of size and colors.
  • Comes in many finishes and is made from different materials.
  • Versatile use.


  • May look outdated.
  • Requires stacking and layout skill for sprucing up.

10. Handmade Spanish Tile

Handmade Spanish Tile

Handmade Spanish Tile >>>

Photo by Tiletell

This is another type of the more decorative and colorful type of handmade tiles. It is traditionally applied in Mediterranean and Hispanic interiors. They are graphic and colorful too but leaning towards warmer colors and geometric patterns.


  • High decorative value.
  • Unique patterns.
  • Graphic or stenciled.
  • Vibrant tones.


  • Expensive.
  • Hard to install DIY.
  • Picky with contrasts.

II.What Type of Material is Best for Handmade Tile?

Handmade tiles are a category of their own. They come in different assortments since they are also made from different materials. Here are some of the most common materials used to make handmade tiles.

1. Porcelain

Porcelain Handmade Tile

Porcelain Handmade Tile >>>

Photo by Tiletell

This type of material makes elegant finishes for handmade tiles. They can be glazed, matted or textured. Porcelain handmade tiles can also resemble wood, bricks, and even natural stone. For subway styles, herringbone and chevron, porcelain is a good material for handmade tile.

2. Ceramic

Ceramic Handmade Tile

Ceramic Handmade Tile >>>

Photo by Tiletell

For those that are on budget but still want a full array of colors and textures, ceramic tile is a good choice. It is durable and flexible when it comes to patterns and styles. If you are looking for handmade tiles for entryways, bathrooms as well as kitchens, ceramic handmade tiles are the best fit.

3. Mosaic

Handmade Mosaic Tile

Handmade Mosaic Tile >>>

Photo by Tiletell

For the more artsy ones who have a flair for colors, graphics and textures, mosaic handmade tiles are the ultimate choice for you. This is where Moroccan, Zellige and Spanish tiles are mostly made of. For more decorative purposes, mosaic is the best material to use for handmade tiles.

4. Marble

Marble Handmade Tile Shower Wall Tile

Marble Handmade Tile Shower Wall Tile >>>

Photo by Tiletell

If you want a more high-end finish, full slabs, and polished surfaces, marble is the best material for handmade tiles. Although they are pricier, they cover a lot of applications. They also feature natural stains and streaks to give you a more luxurious appearance.

Ⅲ.Handmade Tile Applications: Where to Put Handmade Tiles?

Given the array of handmade tiles, it is also important that you know their various applications. Knowing where to put them is helpful in making the most out of their aesthetic and visual value. Here are the most common handmade tile applications for you to explore.

1. Handmade Tile Backsplash

Beige Handmade Tile Backsplash

Beige Handmade Tile Backsplash >>>
Photo by Houzz

If you are looking for ways to make a unique tile backsplash, you should opt for handmade Moroccan, Spanish or Zellige tiles. They are colorful, artsy, and come in a range of textures for different backsplash effects. You can also go for trendy handmade tiles like scalloped and diamond tiles.

2. Handmade Tile Feature Wall

Handmade Tile Feature Wall

Handmade Tile Feature Wall >>>

Photo by Tiletell

For feature walls, graphic handmade tiles are the best choices. From starburst, fleur de lis, floras, and other unique figures, there is an available Moroccan and graphic tile for that.You can also go DIY with your choice of patterns using porcelain, mosaic, or ceramic handmade tiles.

3. Handmade Tile Fireplace Surround

Handmade Tile Fireplace Surround

 Handmade Tile Fireplace Surround >>>

Photo by HGTV

When it comes to fireplace surround, classic subway handmade tiles, glazed porcelain and ceramic, and Calacatta Oro marble handmade tiles are the ones to consider. You can tile out the whole enclosure and then lay down more textured handmade tiles for the hearth.

4. Handmade Tile Flooring

Handmade Tile Flooring

Handmade Tile Flooring >>>

Photo by Tiletell

Textured and pebble tiles as well as penny tiles and hexagon tiles are the best ones for a unique tile flooring. With their range of colors, and underfoot friendly textures, you can create different patterns to flesh out a unique and trendy style.  

5. Handmade TileBathroom Shower

Handmade Tile Bathroom Shower

Handmade Tile Bathroom Showerr >>>

Photo by Tiletell

For bathroom showers, small sized penny tiles, traditional subway and vibrant porcelain or marble handmade tiles are the ones to consider.

At best, pick the right contrasts, shape, pattern and stacking for you to achieve the calming façade of bathroom showers. Opting for neutral and subdued colors or ombre style are also good choices for unique tile bathroom showers.

6. Handmade Tile Bar

Handmade Tile Bar

Handmade Tile Bar >>>

Photo by Tiletell

For tile bars, porcelain, ceramic, and textured handmade tiles would suffice. It also does not hurt if you incorporate more vibrant tones and colorful splashes just to accentuate the space. For this, you can go for Moroccan and Zellige handmade tiles.

Ⅳ.7 Steps to Choose the Best Handmade Tiles

The market for handmade tiles has all the shapes, colors and patterns this type of tiles has to offer. As such, it could be difficult to settle for just one or choose the most appropriate for the design scheme that you want and the visual display you are aiming for. Here are some steps to choose the best handmade tiles for your needs.

1.What First? Safety First!

Handmade tiles are available in all sorts of materials. From marble, to mosaic, glass, ceramic and porcelain, you can have different sorts of colors and textures for handmade tiles.

Just as you consider the visual impact of what handmade tile you shall choose; you must also weigh their appropriateness, especially with regard to safety as to material. Go for textured ones for flooring and trims and polished ones for backsplashes.

2. Modern or Minimalism Style?

The overall design of your space shall determine the type of handmade tile you shall choose. If you are into modern and minimalism, go for the monochromes. If you are into something artsy, go for Moroccan tiles. If you are into contemporary, go for the more graphic ones.

Attractive Wholesale Modern Handmade Tile and Minimalism Handmade Tile >>>

Photo by Tiletell

3. Go Big or Small?

It is important for you to pick matching tile sizes. The wall and the flooring tiles should be cohesive. Thus, if you opt for full slab tiles for the walls, you should also go for large format tiles for the flooring. In the same way, go for smaller tiles when opting for penny tiles and other small geometric tiles.

4. Which Layout? Be Playful!

Bathroom Handmade Tiles Pentagonal Bricks

Bathroom Handmade Tiles Pentagonal Bricks >>>

Photo by Tiletell

While there is no limit to the tile shape to install in your interiors, it still pays to pick the right tile shape for a cohesive and neat look. To give more depth or illusion of space to a room, go for geometric shapes or curved and dented ones. If you want to highlight neat stacks, go for classic subway.

5. Rougher Textures or Polished Flat Surfaces?

Tile textures are often taken for granted. Just because handmade tiles go well for almost all surfaces would mean that you do not consider texture when installing one. At best, rougher textures are still optimal for flooring and trims. On the other hand, polished flat surfaces do well with walls and showers.

6. Hate Cleaning? Factor in How Easy It is to Clean

Of course, you also have to be wary of cleaning. Those that are dented and flat need greater upkeep compared to colored ones. If cleaning and overall maintenance are not your thing due to time constraint, go for tiles that are easy to clean or those that could hide dirt and grime.

7. Play with Shape, Tile Patterns and Texture for A Modern Twist

Blue and White Handmade 3D Wall Tiles

Blue and White Handmade 3D Wall Tiles >>>

Photo by Tiletell

Do not settle for the uniform look and traditional stacked tiles. Play with shape if needed. Explore different tile patterns and textures to truly spruce up your space.

.30 Stunning Handmade Tile Design Ideas You’ve Probably Never Seen

To wrap up everything that we have covered about handmade tiles, here are some handmade tile design ideas to take inspiration from. The visual display is limitless when it comes to handmade tiles. These ideas featured here prove just why.

1. Honeycomb Backsplash Sleek & Geometric Tile Designs

Honeycomb Backsplash Sleek & Geometric Handmade Tiles Designs

Honeycomb Backsplash Sleek & Geometric Handmade Tiles Designs >>>

Photo by Houzz

To give a modern touch to your kitchen backsplash wall or for a feature wall in the living room, this one’s for you.

Choosing a honeycomb pattern is already one thing but giving it a notch up by settling for one with an intricate geometrical design is everything. Look at how modern and sleek this kitchen backsplash wall is with those handmade honeycomb and geometric tiles.

2. Picket Tile Backsplash Effortless Beauty of Geometrical Tiles

Picket Handmade Tiles Backsplash Effortless Beauty of Geometrical Tiles

Picket Handmade Tiles Backsplash Effortless Beauty of Geometrical Tiles >>>

Photo by Houzz

The interlocking layout of picket tiles always makes a geometrical view out of it. Whatever the color of the picket tile backsplash, you can never go wrong with it if you are eyeing a geometrical hand tile. 

The embossed look of this kitchen backsplash is definitely an eye-catcher. The light blue porcelain handmade tile backsplash softened the dominant woody focal point of this contemporary rustic kitchen.

3.Penny Tile Backsplash Add Visual Interest

Penny Handmade Tiles Backsplash Add Visual Interest

Penny Handmade Tiles Backsplash Add Visual Interest >>>

Photo by Houzz

Because of their popularity in bathroom flooring and walls, some might only know penny tiles for its neutral colors and small, penny sizes.

But this copper penny handmade tile is something like no other in that contrast of green walls and gray cabinets. Traditional white grout is applied in those small spaces in between but it only adds to its balanced tone. 

4. Hexagon Backsplash Timeless Beauty with Honeycomb Tiles

Hexagon Backsplash Timeless Beauty with Honeycomb Handmade Tiles

Hexagon Backsplash Timeless Beauty with Honeycomb Handmade Tiles >>>https://tiletell.com/honeycomb-tile/https://tiletell.com/honeycomb-tile/

Photo by Houzz

If you are eyeing for a modern, eclectic look in your kitchen backsplash, a hexagon and honeycomb handmade tiles is the choice.

This moody kitchen for one is made more ambient by these glass mosaic hexagon tiles with honeycomb tile layout. Talk about sprucing up a monochrome kitchen and this is surely one of the choices to consider.

5. Trendy Colorful Herringbone Backsplash Ideas

Trendy Colorful Herringbone Backsplash Handmade Tiles

Trendy Colorful Herringbone Backsplash Handmade Tiles >>>

Photo by Houzz

When it comes to herringbone backsplashes, you will never run out of vibrant colors to choose from. To make your backsplash trendier yet sleek, try playing with colorful herringbone backsplashes like this one. The mix and match of various colors and tile textures in this kitchen backsplash give it a transitional look and lots of ocean vibes.

6. Try a Starburst Tile Design

Bathroom design ideas- 8.7x8.7 Black Satrburst Handmade Tile

Bathroom design ideas- 8.7×8.7 Black Satrburst Handmade Tile >>>

Photo by Ottimo

Handmade tiles are popular simply because of their unique patterns and design. The starburst design is probably the fusion of trendy and geometrical. For a more modern look, keep it neutral like this starburst tiled shower room and flooring. The visual appeal is uncanny and the continuity makes it neat and modern.

7. A Soothing Pebble Tile

Outdoor Soothing Pebble Tile Handmade

Outdoor Soothing Pebble Tile Handmade >>>

Photo by Tiletell

We often see pebble tiles in outdoor floorings or in wellness spas. If you want the same soothing effect underfoot of pebble tiles, you can incorporate them in your bathroom but with a minimalist touch just like this one.

This handmade pebble tile is everything you need to give a bit of texture to your bathroom floors while making it clean and classic overall.

8. Lay Subway in a New Way

Lay Handmade Subway Tile in a Different Way

Lay Handmade Subway Tile in a Different Way >>>

Photo by Tiletell

Just because subways are considered traditional would not mean that you cannot change how it is stacked. Indeed, there is a transitional effect when you lay the subway in a new way just like this one here.

While the handmade subway tiles are all white, the crosshatch layout makes it more playful. If you are really into classic designs, this is one way to give it a new look.

9. Try a Moroccan Tile

Moroccan-Style Patterned Handmade Wall Tiles

Moroccan-Style Patterned Handmade Wall Tiles >>>

Photo by Tiletell

Moroccan tiles are the most popular handmade tiles. While they may come with a price, they never disappoint when it comes to aesthetic value. Fusing in a flair of the antique, the Mediterranean and some contemporary vibes, this Moroccan tile backsplash here is an all-in-one pattern and style.

10. A Bold Chevron

Gray and Few Brown Modern Limestone Chevron Mosaic Backsplash Tile

Gray and Few Brown Modern Limestone Chevron Mosaic Backsplash Tile >>>

Photo by Backsplash

When it comes to a contemporary splash, there is nothing like chevron tiles. While it is common to see chevron tiles in floorings and in feature walls, you have to try the calming effect of full chevron panels in the entire kitchen walls like this one.Using gray and white chevron tiles, plus this bright lighting and stainless-steel accents, you get a cool and neat contemporary kitchen easily.

11. Try Clay Tiles

Bathroom Clay  Handmade Tiles Wall and Floor

Bathroom Clay Handmade Tiles Wall and Floor >>>

Photo by Tiletell

If you are going for an organic, earthy look for your flooring, opting for handmade clay tiles is a good decision. This bathroom here looks tropical and coastal at the same time.

The clay tiles for the flooring give a lot of natural tones which enhances the neutrals in this look. Aside from this, clay tiles are resistant to bacteria and mold so they are a practical choice for bathrooms too.

12. Blue Tiles

Glazed Bathroom Handmade Blue Tile

Glazed Bathroom Handmade Blue Tile >>>

Photo by Pinterest

If you want a feel of the coast or the tranquil vibe of the sea, you can always do so with any type of blue handmade tiles. In this shower, blue subway tiles along with pebble flooring are used to create a feel of the sea. The use of glass and a skylight makes this look all the more coastal in vibe.

13.Go Pink

Pink Color Handmade Tile

Pink Color Handmade Tile >>>

Photo by Tiletell

While we know pink tiles as popular for bedrooms, it is creative to try it on other spaces. For one, this pink tiled shower wall proves how versatile the color is. The simple square handmade tiles made of ceramic fits well with black and white accents in this bathroom. Neatly stacked, the whole look works.

14. Try Terrazzo

Trendy Colorful Herringbone Backsplash Ideas Handmade Tiles

Trendy Colorful Terrazzo Backsplash Ideas Handmade Tiles >>>

Photo by Tiletell

Terrazzo tiles are naturally streaked so just imagine how it would look like in a backsplash wall. This handmade tile is rougher than Calacatta, Zellige and Moroccan tiles but its natural beauty is at par with these high-end handmade tiles. Featuring salmon subway tiles and a splash of terrazzo, this bathroom is full of visual layers.

15. Herringbone Subway

Coffee Shop Herringbone Subway Handmade Tiles

Coffee Shop Herringbone Subway Handmade Tiles >>>

Photo by Tiletell

To veer away from the traditional subway is stacking up your tiles to create a herringbone pattern. For one, this glass mosaic subway tile is stacked in a crosshatch herringbone pattern to give these white cabinets a visual layer. It ultimately changed the vibe of the kitchen with some color splash from these handmade tiles.

16. Hunter Green Tiles

Bathroom Hunter Green Handmade Tiles

Bathroom Green Tiles WallBathroom Hunter Green Handmade Tiles >>>

Photo by Tiletell

The color hunter green is one of the deeper and bolder tones of green. It is perfect for modern and eclectic styles. It also offers an organic vibe which is often associated with the green color.

The broodiness of this kitchen is highlighted thanks to the combination of hunter green tiles for the backsplash and rich brown tones from the wooden cabinets.

17. Play With Penny Tile

Penny Handmade Tiles Backsplash Add Visual Interest

Penny Handmade Tiles Backsplash Add Visual Interest >>>

Photo by Houzz

Penny tiles are always a go-to choice for flooring because of their small size and grout spaces. If you can think you cannot notch it up, think again because this bathroom idea here did just that. Instead of flat patterned penny tiles, this idea made a Moroccan tile look alike out of penny tiles. If you have a flair for minimalism, this is a good idea to consider.

18. Try a Wooden Tile Look

Ceramic Wooden Tile Look

Ceramic Wooden Tile Look Handmade >>>

Photo by Tiletell

Wooden floorings and cabinets are timeless. As much as we want to incorporate wooden flooring in all our interior spaces, some are just too moist for wood.

But thanks to wooden tile looks made usually of ceramic and porcelain, you can now have the timeless look of wooden floorings in your bathroom just like this idea here. Warm, intimate and classic, this chevron wooden tile for the flooring is serving lots of visual grace.

19. Rich Navy Tile

Rich Navy Handmade Tile

Rich Navy Handmade Tile >>>

Photo by Tiletell

Navy blue tiles offer another spectrum of moody and warm look for any space. In this powder room, graphic wallpapers and navy-blue subway tiles are combined to create a stylish yet ambient vibe for such a small space. Elegant yet bold at the same time, this whole ensemble speaks for itself.

20. Scalloped Tile

Scalloped HandmadeTile

Scalloped HandmadeTile >>>

Photo by Tiletell

Trendy and whimsical, scalloped tiles are emerging as the new “IT girl” of handmade tiles. The unique shape and crafty patterns you can make from scalloped tiles make it deserving of the fame. Just look at this bathroom idea here.

The neutral color of the scalloped tiles goes well with the deep green wall. Aside from visual impact, it also offers a lot of tonal balance to this room.

21. Try Diamond Tile

Diamond Handmade Shell Tile

Diamond Handmade Shell Tile >>>

Photo by Tiletell

We all know the diamond tile for the geometric effect that it gives. But if you want to stay in the classic lane, you can use porcelain diamond tiles to create a seemingly tufted wall backsplash like this one here.

Not only does the color white blend well with the kitchen ensemble, it also gives a 2D effect to that wall, enlivening it with texture.

22. Play With Fish Scale Tile

Fish Scale Tile Handmade for Kitchen Backsplash

Fish Scale Tile Handmade for Kitchen Backsplash >>>

Photo by Tiletell

For a seaworthy feel but with lots of visual value, you can always go for fish scale tiles. Opting out more vibrant tones for fish scale backsplash is fine.

If you intend going modern, this glass fish scale tile with that metallic effect is a good choice. It easily makes the kitchen more scenic and in itself, a backsplash that is luminous and dramatic.

23. Spanish Tile Backsplash Unique Patterns

Spanish Tile Backsplash Unique Patterns Handmade Tiles

Spanish Tile Backsplash Unique Patterns Handmade Tiles >>>

Photo by Houzz

Spanish tiles reign supreme in the category of handmade tiles. They offer some of the most graphic patterns and do not come short with color for that matter.

For a more subdued yet still an eclectic touch to your kitchen, go for this champagne and blue Spanish tile. Homey and laidback, this is perfect to brighten your kitchen but with a graphic touch.

24. Whimsical Waves

Whimsical Waves Handmade Tiles

Whimsical Waves Handmade Tiles >>>

Photo by Tiletell

For a nautical look in your bathroom, go for the whimsical waves of scalloped tiles. In this idea, blue and white scalloped tiles are used to create a feature wall of gentle waves. The rest of the room complements the feature wall as they are mainly white monochromes with minimal metallic accents.

25. Crazy of Color

Mandmade Mexican tiles Colorful

Mandmade Mexican tiles Colorful >>>

Photo by Houzz

When it comes to crazy tile splash, handmade Mexican tiles always live up to the hype. Bold tones need not be a risk. For one, this kitchen backsplash is just popping with vibrant tones, contrasted with violet cabinets, metallic accents and warm wood floor. And does it work? It does. Visual surprise here and there is what this idea aimed for.

26. Mix Tile Shapes

Grey Diamonds Subway Mix Tile Shape

Grey Diamonds Subway Mix Tile Shape >>>

Photo by Mercury Mosaics

If you want a unique theme for your wall backsplash, go for an ombre pattern but instead of just colors, make a fading style for mix tile shapes. This idea here perfected that objective offering a unique backsplash for a modern kitchen. It made use of diamond tiles, hexagon tiles, and traditional subway tiles.

27. Subtle Calacatta Marble Accents

Subtle Calacatta Marble Accents Wall Tile

Subtle Calacatta Marble Accents Wall Tile >>>

Photo by Houzz

Full slab Calacatta tiles are always a sight to behold. This kitchen here made use of Calacatta tiles with marble accents for the backsplash and complemented it with full slab marble for the countertop. The natural streaks in the handmade tile are so high-end and regal looking. For a luxurious splash, this is an idea to go for.

28. Artful Mosaics

Artful Mosaics Handmade Tile Wall

Artful Mosaics Handmade Tile Wall >>>

Photo by Houzz

The advantage of mosaic tiles is that they never run out of color matches and artistic value. You can incorporate an artsy, somewhat abstract wall backsplash using mosaic tiles. In this idea, brown, black and shades of blue and green shard patterns are installed in this kitchen wall. Glamorous and highly stylish, this gives edge, texture and artistic flair to a subdued or mute interior.

29. Wave Tile Shower Style

Handmade Wave Tile Shower Style

Handmade Wave Tile Shower Style >>>

Photo by Tiletell

Another high-end look to incorporate in your interior would be the wave tile. It is usually made of marble or porcelain. With that glazed finish and prominent wavy dents, it is perfect for luxurious looking bathrooms like this one here. The waves really broke the monotony in this bathroom without going over the top.

30. Ombre Tile—A Unique Pattern

Bathroom Handmade Ombre Tile

Bathroom Handmade Ombre Tile >>>

Photo by Tiletell

Featuring penny tiles, this ombre look for a small bathroom is just phenomenal. The fading contrast of white and sea blue create a whimsical pattern for this shower room. It also brightens the space and gives it an illusion of space and depth.

Ⅵ.FAQs When Buying Handmade Tiles

Handmade tiles are so diverse that there would still be some things which must be known about them. Hence, here are some FAQs about handmade tiles which may come in handy for later.

1. Why Are They Called Handmade Tiles?

As the term implies, handmade tiles are molded, fired, cut, glazed and laid out using hands. As such, each handmade tile has unique dents, edges, and overall design. This is also the reason why there is a unique variation for each handmade tile even if they are of the same color, size, pattern, and shape.

2. How Do You Clean Handmade Tiles?

It would be the same as if you clean the usual tiles. Sweep or vacuum the area, mop with mild detergent and water and then rinse thoroughly. Of course, those with more elaborate patterns, organic dents, and textured ones require more effort in cleaning.

3. Can Handmade Tiles Be Used Around a Stove Or Cooker?

 Fire ResistantWhite Backsplash Handmade Tiles

Fire Resistant White Backsplash Handmade Tiles >>>

Photo by Houzz

Yes. While their most common applications would be wall backsplashes and fireplace surround, you can also install handmade tiles directly around a stove. Even the most colorful ones like the Moroccan, Mexican and Spanish tiles are fire resistant.

4. Can Handmade Tiles Be Used For Exterior Structures?

3D UHPC Handmade Tiles for Outdoor

3D UHPC Handmade Tiles for Outdoor >>>

Photo by Tiletell

You may but it is not very recommended. Most handmade tiles are not frost proof and may look weathered in a short period of time. They are also not advised for exterior structures for locations with extreme weather conditions. However,some special materials handmade tiles may be a good choice for outdoor wall.Like UHPC handmade tiles.

5.What Are The Best Surfaces To Install Handmade Tiles?

Flat surfaces like drywalls and plaster walls are the best surfaces for handmade tile installation. For wetter areas like the bathroom and kitchen, tile boards must still be the best choice. If you are not sure, you should contact your contractor before installing handmade tiles in different surfaces.

6.Do All Handmade Tiles Require Adhesives?

Yes, but this depends on the moisture level of the surface. For kitchen backsplashes and bathroom walls, the recommended grout for the specific handmade tile must be used. For moist and damp areas, choose a mold resistant and waterproof grout.

7.What Is The Advantage Of Handmade Tiles Over Factory Made Tiles?

The color vibrance, unique texture and irregular shape of handmade tiles are their strong suits. You can always expect a distinct design and style out of handmade tiles. At best, you just have to mix and match the complementing types of handmade tiles to make an eye stopping overall design.

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Handmade tiles perhaps, are the most sought after and comes in a wide range of choices. From colors, to shapes, and patterns, handmade tiles never run out of tile types to offer. With all the things we have covered, there is no denying that the ideas you can go for when it comes to handmade tiles are endless.

At the end of the day, it is up to you to mix and match handmade tiles to give your space high aesthetic value. You must also have a finalized design scheme in mind to have a better perspective of what handmade tile to go for.  

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