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10 Best Unique Tiles Plus 30 Popular Pattern Ideas

10 Best Unique Tiles Plus 30 Popular Pattern Ideas


Home renovations are always anchored on major change and sprucing up. To make a statement or to add character to your home renovation, tiles, either for the wall or flooring, give a major impact. If you want a standout look, going for unique tiles has become a trend in interior design.

In this post, we shall look at some of the best unique tiles for you to consider. We also feature their pros and cons as well as some noteworthy pattern ideas that you go for with unique tiles. If you are up for these, read on.


1.10 Best Unique Tiles Overview

2.What Type of Material is Best for Unique Tile?

3.Unique Tile Applications: Where to Put Unique Tiles?

4.7 Steps to Choose the Best Unique Tiles

5.30 Stunning Unique Tile Design Ideas You’ve Probably Never Seen

I.10 Best Unique Tiles Overview

The thing about unique tiles is that they never go out of style. There is always a new way to stack them up, new patterns to choose from and customized layouts for them to be more unique. Here are some of the best unique tiles out there to explore and mix and match.

1.Hexagonal Tile

Mixed Hexagon Floor Tile

Mixed Hexagon Floor Tile >>>

If you want to incorporate a geometrical splash in your flooring or wall, this tile is one of the best options. While some think that it has become outdated, the emergence of new patterns and color ranges for hexagonal tiles now make it a trendy option. For modern design schemes, this is the tile to choose.


  • Effectively upgrades home design.
  • Durable and low maintenance.  
  • Comes in a range of colors, textures, and patterns.
  • Versatile to any design.


  • Challenging to install.
  • More expensive.

2.Subway Tile

Subway Tile for Kitchen Backsplash

Subway Tile for Kitchen Backsplash >>>

Photo by Houzz

For the longest time, subway tiles have emerged as one of the most popular tile choices. Their versatility, ease of installation, and range of colors and textures make them unique tiles. Although we love the traditional brick style subway stacking, there are other layouts and patterns to choose from.


  • Easy to install.
  • Versatile to any design.
  • Does not fall short in color, texture and layouts.
  • Inexpensive and high availability.


  • May look outdated.

3.Picket Tile

Picket Tile Backsplash for Kitchen Wall

Picket Tile Backsplash for Kitchen Wall >>>

Photo by Houzz

It is named as such because of its seeming arrow heads on both ends and its narrow, picket-like body. It is perfect for those who are aiming for a honeycomb design or spaced, geometric touch to their backsplash walls or bathroom walls.


  • Flexible design and pattern wise.
  • Comes in different color and texture ranges.
  • Perfect for bathroom and backsplash walls.


  • Grouting may be challenging.
  • Quite expensive.

4.Rhombus Tile

3D Bathroom Rhombus Wall Tile

3D Bathroom Rhombus Wall Tile >>>

Photo by Topps Tiles

This is another unique tile which brings a lot of geometric turn to your backsplash wall or flooring. It has this distinct 3D effect which adds to its overall visual effect. Made with different materials, you can get the desired texture and color for your space.


  • High aesthetic value.
  • Unique in the geometric category.
  • Made with different materials.
  • Good for both wall and flooring.


  • Hard to customize.
  • May require professional installation.

5.Ombre Tile

Bathroom Wall Ombre Tile

Bathroom Wall Ombre Tile >>>

Photo by Houzz

Speaking of high aesthetic value, the ombre pattern truly makes a unique tile layout especially for bathroom walls. The fading effect and multi-color appearance truly spruce up and accentuate your space. The icing on top is that there is an endless range of color and textures to mic and match for a unique ombre tile.


  • Very high aesthetic value.
  • Perfect for backsplash, accent and feature walls.
  • Brightens up space.
  • Gives illusion of space and depth.


  • Challenging to mix and match.
  • Requires professional installation.
  • Quite expensive.

6. Terrazzo Tile

High-end Terrazzo Tile for Wall and Floor >>>

While it is more known as a flooring tile, terrazzo tile comes with a distinct texture and streaks that would make it a unique tile for walls too. Unknown to many, terrazzo tiles are made of natural stones such as marble, granite, and quartz to name a few. You could just imagine how rich the tones of terrazzo tiles are.


  • Flexible to different color contrasts.
  • Its subdued look makes it versatile.
  • Comes in many finishes.


  • May look outdated.
  • Makes dirt visible.

7. Penny Tile

Shimmering and Metallic Penny Tiles for Wall

Shimmering and Metallic Penny Tiles for Wall >>>

Photo by Houzz

This unique tile is very charming and modern looking. As the name suggests, it is rounded and is the size of a penny. The matted textures are often used for flooring while the colorful, shimmering and metallic penny tiles are mainstays for backsplash walls. It can also be mixed and matched with other unique tiles for more visual effect.


  • Durable.
  • Perfect as flooring tile for high-traffic areas.
  • Flexible to any design scheme.
  • Very stylish.


  • Quite expensive.
  • Needs professional installation.
  • Challenging to clean.

8. Wave Tile

Bathroom Wall Wave Tile

3D Wall Design Ceramic Tile >>>

Photo by Genrose

Most wave tiles come in ceramic and porcelain materials. As such, expect them to be glazed and shimmering with the light. They are named as such because of their wavy patterns. It is made realistic by the wavy dents across the full slab tiles. They are mostly used for bathroom walls and for feature walls.


  • Perfect for moist areas like the bathroom.
  • Hard wearing.
  • High aesthetic value.


  • Hard to clean.
  • Full slabs only.

9. Zellige Tile

Zellige Tile Backsplash Kitchen

Zellige Tile Backsplash Kitchen >>>

Photo by Houzz

This one is indeed a unique tile thanks to its distinct patterns and rugged appeal. The irregular edges also give it a unique feel and texture. It is handmade, made specifically from Moroccan clay. Although quite expensive, it does not fall short when it comes to style. It is perfect for backsplash and feature walls.


  • Unique patterns.
  • Distinct texture and finish.
  • Stylish and very trendy.
  • Best for walls.


  • Laborious to install.
  • Expensive.

10. Fish Scale Tile

White Coral Bay Fish Scale Gloss Mosaic Tiles 259×273

White Coral Bay Fish Scale Gloss Mosaic Tiles 259×273 >>>

Photo by Cheap Tiles Online

This one is not just unique but also very trendy. It is more known as scallop tiles or fan shape tiles. They are popular for backsplash walls. Some come in embossed look while others are made of polished ceramic or porcelain. If you want a lot of color and personality in your space, this is a unique tile to consider.


  • Trendy and stylish.
  • Comes in different colors, textures, and finishes.
  • Inexpensive.


  • Prone to scratches and dents.
  • May work for limited contrasts.

II.What Type of Material is Best for Unique Tile?

It must be noted that the type of material used for the unique tile also determines their application. While they come in clay, natural stone, and other materials, the following are the most common materials used for unique tiles.

1. Porcelain

Porcelain Unique Tile

Porcelain Unique Tile >>>

Photo by Genrose

If you are looking for unique tiles in different finishes, go for those unique tiles made of porcelain. They come polished, matted and textured. They can resemble natural stones, wood, and even bricks. They are perfect for subway tiles, fish scale tiles and ombre.

2. Ceramic

Cearamic Unique Tile

Cearamic Unique Tile >>>

Photo by Genrose

For the more budget-conscious homeowner, ceramic is a good choice. It comes with solid and multi-tone colors. Albeit inexpensive, you can count on its durability as well as flexible patterns and styles for your unique tiles. They are perfect for bathrooms, kitchens, even for trims and accent tiles.

3. Mosaic

Glass Mosaic Unique Tile

Glass Mosaic Unique Tile >>>

Photo by Genrose

When it comes to stylishness, mosaic as a material is the premium choice. It totally exudes the unique in unique tiles as they come in different colors, textures, and shapes.

If you have a flair for something graphic or stenciled, mosaic tiles are the ones to choose from. They also have a luminous effect which brightens the space at an instant. Just to give you a visual, it is where Zellige, Spanish and Moroccan tiles are usually categorized.

4. Marble

Calacatta Gold Marble Tile

Calacatta Gold Marble Tile >>>
Photo by Calacatta Gold Marble Tile

If you think marble as a material is limiting, think again because there is the terrazzo, and Calacatta marble tiles to prove that they are unique tiles too. If you want a more sophisticated and high-end finish, marble is the best material to choose from. Yes, they are more expensive but their natural stains truly offset the upfront cost.

Ⅲ.Unique Tile Applications: Where to Put Unique Tiles?

1. Unique Tile Backsplash

Grey and White Unique Tile Backsplash

Grey and White Unique Tile Backsplash >>>
Photo by Backsplash

Backsplash walls are meant to catch the eye. For this purpose, go for graphic and geometrical unique tiles such as the picket, the honeycomb, the Moroccan, ombre or Zellige tiles. Their color and texture range offer a lot of visual layers for a unique tile backsplash.

2. Unique Tile Feature Wall

Blue Unique Tile Feature for Wall >>>
Photo by Houzz

Like backsplash walls, feature walls are for full visual display or to give emphasis to a space. As such, graphic, colorful, and variedly shaped tiles are the best choices. You can go for unique tiles such as diamond tiles, starburst, Spanish tiles, customized Moroccan tiles and more. For different patterns, you can explore the range of ceramic, mosaic and porcelain unique tiles.

3. Unique Tile Fireplace Surround

 Unique Tile Fireplace Surround

 Unique Tile Fireplace Surround >>>

To make a standout fireplace surround using unique tiles, you may go for the more traditional subway tiles or marble tiles. For a color splash, go for the more colorful Spanish and Moroccan tiles. Ceramic, porcelain and Zellige are also good options for the accent wall and the hearth surrounding the fireplace.

4. Unique Tile Flooring

Calacatta Cressa 4" x 12" Natural Stone Marble Look Subway Wall & Floor Tile

 Calacatta Cressa 4″ x 12″ Natural Stone Marble Look Subway Wall & Floor Tile >>>

Photo by Wayfair

You would not fall short of choices when it comes to unique tile flooring. You can go for the more textured pebble tiles or the geometrical and refreshing penny tiles or hexagon tiles. Opting for a classic subway is also good to keep it industrial yet trendy.

5. Unique Tile Bathroom Shower

Unique Tile Bathroom Shower

 Unique Tile Bathroom Shower >>>

Photo by Houzz

The choice for bathroom shower tiles is virtually endless if you are eyeing on unique tiles to choose from. For those who love full slab unique tiles, go for wave tiles or marble tiles. For those who love to keep it sophisticated and modern, go for geometric tiles. For those who want it upbeat and colorful, go for ombre and other colorful porcelain and ceramic tiles.

6. Unique Tile Bar

Unique Tile Bar

 Unique Tile Bar >>>

Photo by Houzz

Tile bars are meant to accentuate a look. If you intend to incorporate it in your kitchen or shower room, go for glazed, matted or textured unique tiles. But if you want a luminous effect and more colorful splashes, go for the graphic ones like Moroccan, Zellige and ombre.

Ⅳ.7 Steps to Choose the Best Unique Tiles

Although you might already have a unique tile in mind for your specific space, it is still important to go through this 7-point tips in choosing the best unique tile. Since almost all unique tiles are good choices, they are more applicable to some spaces. Hence, these tips.

1.What First? Safety First!

Unique tiles are made of different materials. Their finish and texture would determine their appropriateness to different spaces. Putting the wrong tile finish in slippery areas might be a cause of safety concern. Make sure to plan ahead and put in mind safety first.  

2. Modern or Minimalism Style?

Unique tiles are not just distinct but also shapes the overall feel of the space. If you want a modern, eclectic style, go for the geometric ones. For an industrial feel, go for subway tiles. For a classic touch, go for terrazzo tiles. For a trendier and more playful look, go for graphic or stenciled tiles.

Attractive Wholesale Modern Tile and Minimalism Tile >>>

Photo by Genrose

3. Go Big or Small?

Tile size also matters very much.This must coincide with the size of the room too. If you want a small room to feel large, go for large format or full slab tiles. If you want a more intimate feel, go for picket, hexagonal or subway tiles.

4. Which Layout? Be Playful!

Modern Bathroom Tile Layout

Modern Bathroom Tile Layout >>>

Just because they are just for flooring or walls would mean that you always have to go with traditional vertical or horizontal layouts. You can always explore and be playful with how the stacking shall go. For this matter, you need to have a feel of the room. To make it larger, go geometric. If you want it plain and simple, stick with the usual layouts.

5. Rougher Textures or Polished Flat Surfaces?

The tile texture is important in determining where they will be installed. While it is okay to install rougher textures on walls, it might not be recommended if you want to have a dainty look on it. In the same way, polished flat surfaces on floorings might look, well, flat and outdated. As such, it is also imperative that you are able to mix and match the right textures appropriate for the target space.  

6. Hate Cleaning? Factor in How Easy It is to Clean

Of course, the overall maintenance of the unique tiles must also be put into mind. If you want low maintenance and hassle-free cleaning, go for polished surfaces with glazed finish for easy wiping. Rougher textured or dented and geometrical unique tiles are harder to clean because of their corners.

7. Play with Shape, Tile Patterns and Texture for A Modern Twist

Mix Tile in Bathroom

Mix Tile in Bathroom >>>

Again, never settle with traditional patterns and layouts. Note that you can use more than one type of unique tile in a space. Hence, play with shapes and discover more trendy tile patterns. It is always a good idea to bring in some twist and spice in a room through tiles.

.30 Stunning Unique Tile Design Ideas You’ve Probably Never Seen

To wrap it all up, here are some unique tile ideas for you to take inspiration from. From classic looks, industrial vibes, modern touch and contemporary splash, we feature here stunning unique tile ideas that you have probably never seen.

1. Honeycomb Backsplash Sleek & Geometrical Tile Designs

Honeycomb Backsplash Sleek & Geometrical Tile

Honeycomb Backsplash Sleek & Geometrical Tile >>>

Photo by Houzz

One of the best ways to spruce up a flat looking kitchen or space is to resort to playful patterns. A honeycomb backsplash and sleek, geometrical tile design is perfect for that role.

This flat gray kitchen is emboldened by these polka dotted honeycomb tiles with a unique geometric tile pattern looking like DNA. It is fresh and bold which is everything you need for a kitchen backsplash.

2. Picket Tile Backsplash Effortless Beauty of Geometrical Tiles

Picket Tile Backsplash

Picket Tile Backsplash >>>

For the record, picket tiles come in many finishes and solid colors. We only know the glazed and matted ones but the beveled picket tile like this one here is a unique tile through and through.The structured white and pink beveled picket fence makes a dainty and delicate bathroom wall like this one. It is very feminine and youthful and we cannot get enough of this look.

3. Penny Tile Backsplash Add Visual Interest

Porcelain Penny Round Mosaic Wall & Floor Tile

Porcelain Penny Round Mosaic Wall & Floor Tile >>>

Photo by Wayfair

Penny tiles are very versatile. Their texture is perfect for flooring and their shimmering and metallic finishes are good for a standout backsplash wall. Other than that, there is a wide range of layouts and patterns to choose from.Take this idea here as an example.

4. Hexagon Backsplash Timeless Beauty with Honeycomb Tiles

Hexagon Backsplash Timeless Beauty with Honeycomb Tiles

Hexagon Backsplash Timeless Beauty with Honeycomb Tiles >>>

Photo by Houzz

If you have a flair for the modern and sleek designs, go for hexagon backsplash with honeycomb tiles. They do not only come in small sizes but also in larger hexagons for a more dramatic look.And speaking of that dramatic look from large hexagon tiles, this is a design to consider.

5. Trendy Colorful Herringbone Backsplash Ideas

Trendy Colorful Herringbone Backsplash Ideas

Trendy Colorful Herringbone Backsplash Ideas >>>

Photo by Houzz

Herringbone is a unique tile pattern for those who love modern and contemporary styles. With their vibrant tones and stylish layouts, they make a trendy backsplash and upscale flooring. Here is a trendy colorful herringbone backsplash idea for you to take inspiration from.

6. Try a Starburst Tile Design

Bathroom design ideas- A Blue Satrburst Tile

Bathroom design ideas- A Blue Satrburst Tile >>>

Photo by Davinci life Style

For unique tiles, there is indeed a starburst tile design supremacy. If you want a distinct and whimsical effect to your backsplash wall, this is the kind of unique tile for you.

It is perfect for powder rooms, and shower walls to name a few. They are also good for unique bedroom floorings and more. This one here is a phenomenal bathroom wall to consider.

7. A Soothing Pebble Tile

Black Soothing Pebble Tile for Bathroom Floor

Black Soothing Pebble Tile for Bathroom Floor >>>

Photo by MSI

Bathrooms and floorings are a match made in heaven. Pebble tiles are mainstays in spas and massage parlors. They are so soothing underfoot and they also have traction to lessen slipping in the bathroom. If you want to have a unique tile, pebble and marble tile arrangement, here is an idea to consider.

8. Lay Subway in a New Way

Lay Subway in a Different Way >>>

Photo by Toppstiles

Subway tile is the most popular traditional unique tile out there. It is very versatile and can be stacked in different ways. It also comes in many solid colors. Try laying the subway tiles in a new way to give it a modern turn. Give it a solid grout and although vertically laid out, do it in an irregular, edgy manner like this one here.

9. Try a Moroccan Tile

Moroccan-Style Patterned Floor Tiles >>>

Photo by Tilemountain

Unique tiles are versatile because of their color and graphic look. At the forefront of graphic and colorful look would be Moroccan tiles. While they are popular for backsplash walls, they are also perfect for flooring.

You can go for colorful, vibrant ones but if you want a daintier looking one, this bathroom flooring using blue and white Moroccan tiles is superb.

10. A Bold Chevron

Calcutta Large Chevron Pattern Glass Tiles

Calcutta Large Chevron Pattern Glass Tiles >>>

Photo by Pinterest

Chevron is a unique tile pattern but not a tile in itself. They come in wood finishes, glassy and luminous look, and glazed and matted ones. For a bold looking chevron, you can go for this bold and sleek charcoal gray and white chevron. It takes on a traditional horizontal stacking but it does all the magic your bathroom needs for a backsplash wall.

11. Try Clay Tiles

Handmade Clay Backsplash Tile

Handmade Clay Backsplash Tile >>>

Photo by Interiorwanderer

Clay tiles are unique tiles particularly because they are handmade. They have rugged edges, an irregular look, but these distinct characteristics make it perfect for feature walls and backsplash. They are also perfect for dirty kitchen walls and those that need some texture.Here is a clay tile look to go for.

12. Blue Tiles

Glazed Bathroom Zelling Blue Tile

Glazed Bathroom Zelling Blue Tile >>>

Blue tiles always give a serene, refreshing look for any type of space but the bathroom is one of the best ones to install it in. Going for glazed Zellige tiles like this one give a luminous, aquarium take in this bathroom. These unique tiles imbue the feel of the ocean and give this a splash of blues in many hues.

13.Go Pink

Pink Tiles Create Stylish and Luxurious Appeal >>>

Who says that bold pink does not work for your spaces? Bold pink makes a unique style for the bathroom walls and this one here is a fine example. Just when we thought that green and blue are the coolest, most refreshing tones for the bathroom, this pink tiles here prove otherwise. If you are a risk taker for solid, bold tones, go pink, indeed.

14. Try Terrazzo

Terrazzo Tile for Outdoor

Terrazzo Tile for Outdoor >>>

For a natural unique tile, go for terrazzo. It has colorful streaks and a coarse texture which makes it perfect for flooring. They come in large formats and full slabs but they are still very customizable. From dark to cheerful colored ones, terrazzo is a unique tile to discover. Here is a visual of how terrazzo looks like as flooring.

15. Herringbone Subway

Herringbone Subway Green Color for Kitchen Backsplash

Herringbone Subway Green Color for Kitchen Backsplash >>>

Photo by Houzz

Like Chevron, herringbone is a tile pattern and not a tile in itself. They come in bold tones and geometric stacking. Opting for herringbone subway can be more unique looking if you go for the stenciled ones especially for a kitchen backsplash. To give you a heads-up of what it could look like, here is an idea to consider.

16. Hunter Green Tiles

Bathroom Green Tiles Wall

Bathroom Green Tiles Wall >>>

Photo by Fireclaytile

This shade of green is deep and enigmatic. It is perfect for bright contrasts and can also fare well on its own. It is a perfect unique tile for those who like to have a bold statement for their backsplash walls and bathroom walls and flooring. Using glass mosaic hunter green tiles and black flooring, this one is a moody and modern bathroom idea to go for.

17. Play With Penny Tile

Penny Tile Kitchen Backsplash

Penny Tile Kitchen Backsplash >>>

Photo by Houzz

There is more to penny tiles than just well, their penny size. You can play with a lot of penny tile looks because there is an available pattern for whatever design scheme you are going for. For a luxe feel to your kitchen backsplash, this gold, copper and silver penny tile is something to look for.

18. Try a Wooden Tile Look

Wooden Tile Look

Wooden Tile Look >>>

Photo by Hearthomemag

Wood is always timeless. However, wood is picky as to where it must be installed since it warps in moisture. For this reason, a wooden tile look is something to consider. With different finishes, it is subtle underfoot. You can also customize them like this stenciled one right here.

19. Rich Navy Tile

Rich Navy Tile

Rich Navy Tile >>>

Photo by Houzz

Navy blue is ambient, very moody and extremely sleek and modern. They are perfect unique tiles to break the monotony of a space especially those monochrome kitchens. In this look, glass mosaic navy blue subway tiles are used for the flat white kitchen. Dark colored grout is used to bring out a moodier look for this modern kitchen.

20. Scalloped Tile

Scalloped Tile

Scalloped Tile >>>

Photo by Houzz

Scalloped tiles are always refreshing and trendy whatever color they come with. Their distinct shape makes them a unique tile for walls and even floorings. They are mostly used as backsplashes and for shower rooms. While you could always go for more vibrant colors, going modern as to these black and white scalloped tiles for the kitchen also gives a fine, sophisticated look.

21. Try Diamond Tile

Diamond Tile Backsplash Beautiful Patterns & Green Colors

Diamond Tile Backsplash Beautiful Patterns & Green Colors >>>

Photo by Mercury Mosaics

This is another unique tile for those who love the effect of geometrical tiles. You can play with to give you either a 2D or 3D effect, or choose a beveled one for that full, embossed look. You can also choose a lowkey porcelain diamond tile for the diner effect in your flooring. Here is a diamond tile idea to take inspiration from.

22. Play With Fish Scale Tile

White Fish Scale Tile

White Fish Scale Tile >>>

Photo by Houzz

If you want to imbibe the tranquil and refreshing feel of the sea with stylish, unique tiles, opting for a fish scale tile is a fine idea. For one, this Moroccan fish scale tile looks whimsical and dramatic. With that textured look, prominent grout, and aquamarine color, you can never go wrong with a bathroom like this.

23. Spanish Tile Backsplash Unique Patterns

Hand Painted Spanish Backsplash Tile with White Quartz Countertops and White Shaker Cabinets

Hand Painted Spanish Backsplash Tile with White Quartz Countertops and White Shaker Cabinets >>>

Photo by Houzz

Spanish tiles are unique tiles because of their extreme colorfulness. This idea here is a prime example of how festive and alluring Spanish tiles are when used as a backsplash tile. It can enliven any flat looking space and gives a lot of personality to the kitchen like this one.

24. Whimsical Waves

Bathroom Whimsical Waves Tiles

Bathroom Whimsical Waves Tiles >>>

Photo by Carpetone

When it comes to whimsical waves, do not limit your choice to just wave tiles. You can also achieve this tile pattern using the mix and match of penny tiles and small hexagon tiles. For instance, in this look, small penny tiles are used to create wavy layers for this bathroom wall, giving a whimsical look like no other.

25. Crazy of Color

Crazy Colors for Bathroom Tiles

Crazy Colors for Bathroom Tiles >>>

Photo by Instagram

Even tiles can go funky and very trendy. All you have to do is to mix and match different tiles of different colors and just go have a color splash everywhere. This is what makes this bathroom an eye-stopper. There is a feature wall with colorful Spanish tiles on one end, and differently colored ceramic tiles for the flooring. And does it work? Sure, it does, verily.

26. Mix Tile Shapes

Grey Diamonds Subway Mix Tile Shape

Grey Diamonds Subway Mix Tile Shape >>>

Photo by Mercury Mosaics

Again, do not confine your tile installation to just one shape. You can customize unique tiles by incorporating different tile shapes in one wall or flooring. For one, this idea here made use of honeycomb and hexagonal tiles for a unique kitchen wall backsplash. It does not only give a shape overload but also play of tile sizes.

27. Subtle Calacatta Marble Accents

 Bathroom Design Studio London

 Bathroom Design Studio London >>>

If you want a polished, high-end look for your flooring and walls, you can always go for some Calacatta marble accents. It has different natural streaks, they come in full slabs, and they are luminous white. There is nothing more luxurious and comfier than to spend time in this bathroom idea with Calacatta marble flooring and walls.

28. Artful Mosaics

Customized Mosaic Art Tiles

Customized Mosaic Art Tiles >>>

Photo by Sicis

When it comes to unique tiles, artful mosaics are on the top tier. There is virtually an endless choice when it comes to patterns and overall look for glass mosaic tiles. This one here is a submarine inspired kids’ bathroom. From floor, to ceiling, to walls, rows of artful mosaic patterns are installed to give this one a magical look.

29. Wave Tile Shower Style

Bathroom Wave Tile Shower Style

Bathroom Wave Tile Shower Style >>>

Photo by Supatilenuneaton

Wave tiles are unique tiles because of their realistic wave look. They have dents across the length of the full slab walls. They can come in different colors, and the space of the wavy dents may differ. Their popularity as bathroom or shower tiles is understandable. We mean, just look at the fresh and wavy look of this shower room.

30. Ombre Tile—A Unique Pattern

Newest Ombre Grey Bathroom Tile

Newest Ombre Grey Bathroom Tile >>>

Photo by Artistictile

In the range of unique tiles, the ombre pattern is also one which reigns supreme. The play of colors and the fading look give a bathroom wall or kitchen backsplash a contemporary look. Going for same color is okay but incorporating a contrasting color is more aesthetically satisfying. This is one ombre tile idea to go for in your bathroom.


Unique tiles are called as such because they offer a different visual take to either a wall or a flooring, among others. They come in full range from colors to patterns, textures and materials. While the choice for unique tiles is essentially endless, it is important that you already have a working design in mind.

With all things considered, the choice of unique tiles boils down to appropriateness, availability, advantages and disadvantages of the type of unique tile you are choosing. But with what we have covered, you are now ready to choose the best unique tile for your need and preference.

Feeling inspired? Let's get this tile fired.

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