99% On-Time Delivery

At Tiletell, we are not just focused on unique tiles . We also focus on providing fabulous customer service with timely delivery.

TileTell 99% On-Time Delivery

We are aware that delayed delivery is one major pain point customers face when buying tiles from China. There’s no point in selling great products if you can’t deliver a good experience to customers. We understand that timely delivery is critical for clients.

Tiletell is one of the few companies that have successfully retained its reputation for delivering goods right on time. Our strong supply chain helps us procure the required raw materials without delays and manage our inventory efficiently. It helps us process your order without delays.

Our knowledgeable staff will calculate the shipping time and costs accurately to provide you with reliable information. On average, you can expect your order to arrive in 3-4 weeks’ time.

Tiletell 99% On-Time Delivery

MSK & MSC Partner

We have partnered with MSK and MSC as our official sea freight service providers to provide you with reliable shipping options. You will get real-time info about your order status. They are also renowned to provide quick and efficient delivery services at a reasonable price.

We understand that you want to cut back costs as much as possible. It is why we have chosen cost-effective yet safe shipping providers. Our team is also aware of the shipping and import policies of different countries and can help you receive your order faster.

Delivery Process

Design and Manufacturing

First, we source the required raw materials to process your order. Then, we use high-tech equipment to manufacture tiles in different designs and finishes, meeting premium quality standards.

Packing the Boxes for Delivery

After the quality control inspection, our packaging team will pack your tiles with great care. You can expect tiles to arrive safe and undamaged!

Customs Clearance and Loading

Your tiles are then taken to the port of loading, where we wait for clearance from customs. The tiles are then loaded into containers, ready to be shipped.

International Delivery

Thereafter, the cargo ships carrying your tiles will head to your destination. You will be notified when your order arrives.

Purchase from us before the price of raw materials increases!

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