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Honeycomb tile, with their classy geometric appeal, are a choice both elegant and versatile. The shape is bold enough to make a statement, even without vivid patterns or pops of color to enhance the look. It is also applicable to literally anywhere as honeycomb tiles have been popular for centuries now!

Tiletell has a wide collection of hexagonal tiles to spoil you with choices. Whether you prefer to tile an entire area or use them as a feature element, we have got you covered. Get wholesale tiles at affordable prices only from us!

Here’s everything you need to know about honeycomb tiles.

Unique Honeycomb Tile

White Honeycomb Tile

White Honeycomb Tile

Black Honeycomb Tile

Black Honeycomb Tile

Black and White Honeycomb Tile

Black and White Honeycomb Tile

Honeycomb Tile Backsplash

Honeycomb Tile Backsplash

Green Honeycomb Tile

Green Honeycomb Tile

Honeycomb Floor Tile

Honeycomb Floor Tile

Complete Solutions from Honeycomb Tile Manufacturers


Honeycomb tiles open up a world of design ideas, with plenty of layout and pattern opportunities. We also have honeycomb tiles in beautiful prints to help you decorate your space with elegance.


Our wide spectrum of color options can help you pick the right shade that matches your aesthetics. From bold to neutral, vibrant to light, and metallic to matte, all our color tones are dazzling choices.


Honeycomb tiles in smaller sizes are ideal for kitchen backsplashes, accent walls, and shower spaces. The bigger sizes are perfect for living rooms, hallways, patios, and other areas that need to look spacious.


The hexagonal-shaped tiles are an inspiration from nature, resembling the bee’s hive. They add a classic geometric style to any space. Honeycomb tiles effortlessly suit both traditional and contemporary spaces.


You can get honeycomb tiles customized in your preferred material. We offer them in porcelain, ceramic, mosaic, and marble varieties. If you are not sure what to choose, we can help you with it!


Let us know what’s your favorite finish, and we will customize the look! Our honeycomb tiles are available in gloss, semi-gloss, metallic, satin, matte, textured, polished, and many other finishes.

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Honeycomb Tiles:Where Can They Be Used ?

Ideal for a range of applications, honeycomb tiles are well-suited for both walls and tiles. But, it’s important you purchase high-performance tiles from a reputed manufacturer like Tiletell. 900+ Projects from hotels, restaurants, and residential kitchens & baths to recreational spaces.

Kitchen Backsplashes

Kitchen Backsplash

Bring the geometric chic right into your kitchen! Honeycomb tiles are great for kitchen backsplashes, whether used in subtle or bold pops of color. You can even go for a printed design if you want to highlight the space a bit more.

Bathroom Showers

Bathroom Shower

Available in non-slip finishes, honeycomb tiles are a stylish and safe option for bathrooms. They are also highly resistant to moisture and humidity. You can also use a shiny finish to make the bathroom seem bright.

Homes and Apartments

Homes and Apartments

Honeycomb tiles have never gone out of trend and will remain fashionable for years to come. They also portray excellent durability. You can use them for hallways, living rooms, bedrooms, balconies, patios, and swimming pool areas.

Bar and Restaurants

Bar and Restaurants

If you need a sophisticated tiling option for restaurants or cafés, honeycomb is an ideal choice. The shape is natural, simple, and modish. You can go for a minimal interior by selecting light color tones or a creative one with vivid patterns.

General Hot Selling Products

Our honeycomb tiles are renowned for their impressive properties and beauty.

Honeycomb Floor Tile

Honeycomb Floor Tile

Choose nothing but superior quality honeycomb tiles to create a stunning and high-performance floor. Our hardwearing honeycomb tiles will serve you for a long time.

Honeycomb Hexagon Tile Backsplash

Honeycomb Hexagon Tile Backsplash

Create a feature backsplash with our geometric honeycomb tile patterns. They are available in different colors and finishes to make your kitchen a focal point.

Honeycomb Tile Bathroom

Honeycomb Tile Bathroom

Honeycomb tiles are a great choice to create a nature-themed bathroom for you to unwind and relax after a long day. They are also easy to maintain.


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Estimated Cost Analysis For Honeycomb Tile

Interested in importing honeycomb tiles from China? Here’s how much it will cost you.

The Process Flow & Duration Estimation

We take great pride in manufacturing high-quality honeycomb tiles for you. Here’s how they are made.

Step 1 – Preparing Raw Materials (2-3 days)

First, we gather the raw materials needed for tile making in the right composition. We grind them into fine particles to get a powder form. It ensures that all ingredients are mixed together well.

Raw materials preparation

Step 2 – Tile Formation (1 day)

Next, we run the mixture through a forming die to form the tile shapes. A hydraulic press exerts a high pressure on the mixture to form the tile body in the required shape and size. The tiles are then left to dry.

Tile Formation

Step 3 – Printing and Glazing of Tiles (1 day)

A layer of enamel or liquid glass is applied to the surface of tiles using a spray at high pressure. It provides the color for honeycomb tiles. If the tiles come in printed designs, the printing is done at this stage too.

Tile Glazing

Step 4 – The Firing Process (1 day)

The tiles are then fired at a temperature of over 1000⁰C to eliminate any moisture left in the tiles. It also helps in achieving the desired porosity of tiles and hardens them. At this stage, the glass layer converts to glass.

The Firing Process

Step 5 – Packing and Shipment (30 days)

The manufactured tiles are then inspected for quality and defects. Then, we pack them carefully using protecting coverings and send them out for shipping from our warehouses. Expect to receive them soon!


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The Basic Knowledge About TileTell Unique Tiles

The Common Pitfalls When Purchasing from China

At Tiletell, we are passionate about tile making and obsessed with quality. But, many buyers are reluctant to purchase from China due to common problems like:

Quality Issues

You can be offered tiles at prices way below market rates, and that should be concerning. Most of the time, it can mean low-quality tiles that can get damaged or break very easily. 

Delayed Delivery

Some companies can promise to deliver tiles within a week or two but fail to keep their promise. It can severely inconvenience businesses than rely on the order to sell tiles for customers. 

Environmental Issues

Low-grade tiles are often made using poor manufacturing practices. They can pollute the environment. Moreover, they are not sustainable flooring materials and can end up in waste faster. 

Why Wholesale Honeycomb Tile in TileTell?

Certified Manufacturing and Quality Control

We produce #1 quality tiles in China following industry-grade manufacturing practices. We have certifications to endorse our high standards. Our hexagonal tiles are highly durable, long-lasting, and showcase impressive resistance to water, dirt, and stains.

Factory-Directing Price

Get tiles at cost prices when you purchase wholesale honeycomb tiles directly from us. We also don’t operate through middlemen, so you get tiles at the lowest possible rate. You can direct your expenses on building your business.


We start from a low MOQ of 100 SQM to help small businesses start from a limited range of products. It is also great when you want to introduce new tile ranges in limited edition. You no longer have to be reluctant about bulk purchases.

Logistics, Inventory, and Shipment Solutions

Importing tiles from China is no longer a complex or difficult process. Our efficient team will handle all the logistics on your behalf of you. Our shipping providers also keep you updated about the status of your order at all times.

The FAQs About Honeycomb Tiles

Honeycomb tiles, also known as hexagon tiles, are a six-sided tile shape. The shape is inspired by nature! A honeycomb refers to the cluster of cells in a beehive that bees use to store honey. When these tiles are laid out, they create a tessellation or geometric pattern that’s charming in look. Honeycomb tiles have been in use for centuries, and we can assure you that they will be a hot topic for a long time to come.

We manufacture honeycomb tiles with the help of high-tech machinery and skilled artisans. Our forming die cuts out the tiles in a beautiful honeycomb shape. Honeycomb tiles in printed designs are printed using a high-definition inkjet printer to retain the design permanently.

The honeycomb pattern is made by arranging honeycomb tiles closely, leaving no gaps in between. The tessellation will resemble a beehive-like look at the end. You can either go for a uniform look or create different patterns by combining different colored tiles together. Honeycomb tiles also come in printed designs, so you can create patterns using them too.

The standard honeycomb tile sizes range from 1-inch to 12-inches. So, they are applicable for different purposes, from backsplashes to terrace areas. You can get your tile order customized in your preferred size.

Honeycomb tiles come in porcelain, ceramic, mosaic, marble, and even glass materials. The choice depends on your preferences. If you prefer more choice in terms of color and finishes, porcelain or ceramic is ideal. If you like the handmade look of tiles, we recommend our mosaic range.

Grey tones are popular because they are neutral colors that are also timeless. You can incorporate white and black colors along with grey to create an ombre design or an interesting color scheme. Modern homeowners are also not hesitant to go with bold colors like red, yellow, gold, blue, and green.

Honeycomb tiles are cheaper if bought wholesale. Also, the price can vary depending on the material. For example, ceramic is a cost-effective option. Tiletell offers quality honeycomb tiles at lower rates for wholesale. Our tiles start from just $5 per square meter.

You can buy honeycomb tiles from leading tile stores in your area. But, purchasing retail can be expensive. If you need quite a big quantity or looking to start a tile business, the best place to buy honeycomb tiles is in China. Contact a direct manufacturer like Tiletell to get quality tiles.

First, prepare the surface by cleaning it. Start with a dry layout and arrange the tiles in your preferred pattern. Then, remove them. Apply a layer of thin-set mortar evenly on the surface, and place the tiles with even spacing. Apply the grout and finally the sealant to make the tiled area water and dirt-resistant.

You can lay honeycomb tiles in a variety of ways. You can form an ombre pattern using different colored honeycomb tiles or experiment with other structured or abstract patterns. Honeycomb tiles can be installed for the entire area or used for a particular space as a highlighting element. Always remember to start with a dry layout.

Yes. They are perfect for bathrooms. You can choose calming colors like sage green, sea blue, sandy brown, or other shades to create a soothing ambiance. If you are using them for floors, get a non-slip finish.

You can install them in residential and commercial properties. In houses, honeycomb tiles are ideal for both indoor and outdoor areas. They are often used for bedrooms, halls, bathrooms, kitchens, terraces, balconies, etc. Restaurants, cafés, supermarkets, malls, pubs, and many other places frequented by people can benefit from honeycomb tiles because they are hardwearing and sturdy.

Sweep or vacuum the tile surface twice a week to get rid of dirt. It is sufficient if you mop the tile surface once every two weeks with a good tile surface cleaner. It’s always important to ensure you don’t use abrasive cleaning tools as they can scratch and diminish the beautiful appearance of tiles.

Honeycomb tiles in printed and solid designs are used together by interior designers today. It emphasizes the motifs on tiles and also helps you create patterned looks using them. Monochromatic grey colors are widely used for honeycomb tiles, and incorporating printed designs in between is a great choice.

Honeycomb tiles are also popularly used as a transitional element in interior décor today. They are installed for one part of the floor and followed by another flooring material like laminate or hardwood. Not all tiles shapes will work for this kind of design, but honeycomb tiles have proven to be exceptional.

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