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We have ready-made tiles in stock that we can customize with your brand name and deliver faster!

We Are in the Inventory Business So You Don’t Have to Be.

Maintaining inventory can be an exhausting and costly task. Not all brands can afford that. But, without stocks, you can’t cater to customer requirements on time. If you are a small or medium-scale brand, inventory is something you might be struggling with. Don’t worry. We have the solution!
Tiletell has in-stock supplies of all popular tiles in our collection to prepare and deliver your order quicker than it would take to process a fully customized order. We can label our existing tile stocks with your brand name and ship the order quickly.

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Less Inventory = Less Cash Pressure

Inventory occupies a lot of cash and costs a lot to maintain. With a reliable tile provider like Tiletell, you can minimize the cost and lead time while maximizing the efficiency of your business. You don’t have to worry about losing customers due to a lack of stocks.

Tiletell 99% On-Time Delivery

Factory Warehousing

●  Arrange instant shipment of tiles in stock
●  Fast and reliable shipping service
●  Warehouse tiles open for supervision 24/7

Updated Tiles Styes

Updated Tiles Styes

●  Stocks of hot-selling tiles
●  Quick labeling of tiles with the given brand name
●  Pre-made tiles in various finishes

Purchase from us before the price of raw materials increases!

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