Wholesale Ombre Tiles

Wholesale Ombre Tiles

Do you find it difficult to settle for a single tile color? Afraid that multi-colors would make the space look overpowering? Then, ombre tiles are the perfect option for you. Featuring a gorgeous blend of two colors in a shaded pattern, ombre tiles offer both the calming and striking effect you need.

Tiletell has a wide range of ombre tiles in beautiful color combinations. Our #1 quality tiles are flawless in design and structure with proven resistance to regular wear and tear. We are a leading manufacturing company offering wholesale tiles at lower prices.

Here’s everything you need to know about ombre tile!

Unique Ombre Tiles

Ombre Bathroom Tile

Ombre Bathroom Tile

Ombre Tile Backsplash

Ombre Tile Backsplash

Ombre Wall Tile

Ombre Wall Tile

Ombre Shower Tile

Ombre Shower Tile

Ombre Subway Tile

Ombre Subway Tile

Ombre Mosaic Tile

Ombre Mosaic Tile

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Ombre tile feature movement with a smooth patterned flow between two colors. You can achieve this pattern either with ombre print tiles or by arranging solid-colored tiles in order. The choice is yours, and we will help you with the rest!


Our ombre tile feature a gentle blend of two colors, where one hue gradually fades to form another. From bold to soft, vibrant to muted, and warm to dim, our extensive range of color combinations will amaze you!


Our ombre bathroom tile come in an array of sizes, and we also offer customization. Whether you are looking to install ombre tiles for your backsplash or bathroom, we have the right size to fit your purpose.


With ombre shower tile, your options are not limited to a few shapes. There are square, hexagon, diamond, triangle, and subway tile shapes. You can make your space look more elaborate with fish scale, scallop, lantern, and picket shapes!


Ombre tile come in porcelain, ceramic, glass, mosaic, and marble varieties. There is a wide range of options when it comes to porcelain and ceramic, and they are also cost-effective. But, you can also go for a premium option.


The tile finish plays a great deal in bringing out its end look. If you prefer a casual look with minimal light reflection, polished, matte, or textured ombre tiles are great. For a sleek statement, opt for glossy or metallic effects.

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Ombre Tiles:Where Can They Be Used ?

Ombre tiles represent our fine craftsmanship and can make an impact anywhere. For this reason, you can install them in a variety of places. 900+ Projects from hotels, restaurants, and residential kitchens & baths to recreational spaces.

Kitchen Backsplash

Kitchen Backsplash

Miniscule hexagon or diamond-shaped ombre tiles are popularly used for kitchen backsplashes. It adds dimension and creativity to the space. Penny hombre tiles are also another great choice, especially for small kitchens. Maintenance of these tiles is also easy as their smooth surface can help you get rid of stains quickly.

Bathroom Shower

Bathroom Shower

Blue and grey ombre tiles are frequently used for bathrooms as it captures the ocean’s majestic look. The combination of colors in the ombre design can easily draw attention. So, you can choose a satin or matte effect for walls if you want to downplay the brightness. Our ombre tiles show excellent resistance to moisture.

Homes and Apartments

Homes and Apartments

Ombre tile are a popular choice for walls, especially accent walls, fireplace facades, backsplashes, and lobbies. But, matte finish varieties in large sizes are used for floors as well. Ombre tiles usually feature a dark and light color, but you can also go for two neutral shades if you prefer a subtle look.

Bar and Restaurants

Bar and Restaurants

Use ombre tile to create an energetic and artistic atmosphere to please your customers! You can choose bold and colorful looks with a reflective surface to enliven your bar or restaurant. Ombre doesn’t always have to be structured, so you can always go for a playful, fun look with a bit of randomness.  

General Hot Selling Products

Our ombre tile are loved by clients worldwide for their stunning designs and color combos. Here are our best sellers!

Bathroom Shower

Ombre Bathroom Tiles

Renovate your bathroom to suit contemporary aesthetics with our alluring collection of ombre tiles. You can get them customized in your preferred shape, size, and finish effect to create the desired style statement.

Ombre Tile Backsplash

Ombre Tile Backsplash

Give your backsplash the attention it deserves! Our ombre backsplash tiles offer many design possibilities and set the standard for futuristic kitchens. They can easily draw eyes, especially when contrasted with modern furniture.

Modern Ombre Mosaic Tile

Modern Ombre Mosaic Tile

Ombre mosaic tiles will be a timeless element in your home or office as they bear a handcrafted effect. You don’t have to worry about staining as they show excellent resistance to stains, mold, and mildew.


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Estimated Cost Analysis For Ombre Tiles

Want to know how much ombre tile cost? Here are the major costs of importing tiles from China.

The Process Flow & Duration Estimation

We take great pride in manufacturing superior quality tiles. Our ombre tile are a mark of our unmatched artistry, skill, and precision. Here are how our tiles are made.

Step 1 – Preparing Raw Materials (2-3 days)

We prepare the tile mixture by assembling the raw materials in the required proportion. Accurate quantities of clay and minerals will determine the base tile of the color. We grind the ingredients to achieve a powder form mixture.

Raw materials preparation

Step 2 – Tile Formation (1 day)

The mixture is then converted to a flat layer form by sending it through a forming die. It is at this stage tiles are formed into their shape too. A hydraulic press forms the tile shape by exerting high pressure on the mixture.

Tile Formation

Step 3 – Printing and Glazing of Tiles (1 day)

The formed tiles are then glazed using a glazing spray. This phase is responsible for coloring, decorating, and protecting the tile with its glassy layer. If it’s printed tiles, the ombre design is imprinted using an inkjet printer. Otherwise, the tiles come in solid colors.

Tile Glazing

Step 4 – The Firing Process (1 day)

The glaze layer converts to glass during the firing process, and the entire tile structure hardens at this stage. Tiles are heated at a temperature over 1000⁰C to get the required porosity and remove any moisture.

The Firing Process

Step 5 – Packing and Shipment (30 days)

Once the manufacturing process is over, the tiles are inspected for quality and defects. Then, we package your tiles in boxes with protective covering and send them out for shipping. You can expect to receive them quickly!


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The Basic Knowledge About Tiletell Unique Tiles

The Common Pitfalls When Purchasing from China

There are some problems that customers face when importing tiles from China. There is often the chance of falling prey to low-grade products of unreliable manufacturers. You can face:

Quality Issues

No one wants to spend on tiles that only last for a few years. But, that’s the issue with low-quality tiles. They break, damage, crack and discolor easily. In the end, the low price is not worth it.

Delayed Delivery

If your tile supplier fails to deliver your order on time, your business fails to provide timely service to customers. There will be a significant loss in revenue and loyal customers. It can be a huge blow to your business.

Environmental Issues

Some companies produce tiles unethically, and their production process can harm the environment we live in. Always research the company well before choosing them for your tile order.

Why Wholesale Ombre Tiles in TileTell?

Certified Manufacturing and Quality Control

Whether you are purchasing tiles for commercial or personal use, our high-quality tiles won’t disappoint you. We produce the best for you!

Factory-Directing Price

You are directly contacting a manufacturer for your order. With no mediator fees, you can get wholesale tiles at a lower cost from us.


Higher-order quantity is the reason why many can’t purchase wholesale tiles from China. Our customer-friendly MOQ solves that!

Logistics, Inventory, and Shipment Solutions

We provide cost-effective and reliable logistics to deliver your order safely and on time. You also don’t have to worry about inventory management!

The FAQs About Ombre Tiles

Ombre is the blend of two colors, where one color gradually blends into another. Think of navy blue fading into lighter shades of blue and eventually becoming white. Usually, the ombre represents a dark shade moving on to a light shade, although it’s not always the case.

Tiles that showcase ombre design are known as ombre tiles. There are two ways you can achieve the stunning ombre look. One method is to arrange solid-colored tiles in order so that one shade smoothly develops into another shade. Another is to purchase tiles with the ombre print on them.

Our cutting-edge technology, specialist machinery, and extremely skilled craftspeople help us create stunning ombre tiles that are excellent in look and structure. Our wide spectrum of colors makes it possible to provide different color combinations when it comes to ombre tiles. We also print ombre patterns into tiles using a high-definition inkjet printer.

The ombre tile pattern shows the transition of one color to another using a gradual fade. Usually, the dark color fades into a lighter tone or vice versa. But, there’s no hard and fast rule that the pattern has to go according to a structured blend of colors. You can always arrange the tiles at random to make the pattern more abstract and creative. It will still look ombre-ish and novel!

Ombre tile generally come in 2,” 4,” 6,” 8,” sizes, although you can get them in bigger sizes. Many choose small tile sizes for ombre patterns as it helps in showcasing the blend of colors better. When it comes to backsplashes, penny tiles are preferred for their minuscule size. If it’s for floors, you might want to choose bigger tiles.

Ombre tile are available in porcelain, ceramic, mosaic, glass, and marble materials. Each material has its unique set of characteristics. For example, mosaic ombre tile have a rich, handcrafted look. Porcelain is renowned for its durability. Ceramic is the cost-effective choice.

Grey and blue are common colors found in ombre tiles. However, they also come in a variety of colors ranging from bold, vibrant, subdued, and soft shades. Ombre shades representing earthy shades inspired by the ocean, sand, fire, and sky are also popular. Ultimately, your choice depends on how you prefer to design the space.

No. Purchasing ombre tile wholesale can get you low rates! You just need to contact a reliable manufacturer in China who accepts your order quantity. Tiletell accepts lower MOQ to help both businesses and customers. Our tiles start from just $10 per square meter.

Installing ombre tile requires a bit of effort, especially if you have to create the shade using solid-colored tiles. But, once you figure out the layout, it’s not difficult. Make sure you clean the surface, apply an even layer of thin-set, space the tiles evenly, apply grout, and seal it well. If you are not familiar with tile installation, we strongly recommend you hire an expert.

You have to arrange the ombre tile in a manner, so it shows the gradual blend of one shade to another. For example, if the ombre shade is from black to white, arrange the black tiles first. Then, lay the lighter versions in order until the tones descend to plain white. You can also just lay the tiles in an order you prefer, so it gives a scattered ombre look. Be creative as you wish!

Yes. They are great for bathrooms. As ombre tiles are available in different effects, you can get a slip-resistant finish for floor tiling and a gloss finish for wall tiling.

Ombre tile can be installed in kitchens, backsplashes, accent walls, halls, entranceways, lobbies, and many other places. They are well suited for interior spaces, although some prefer to use them for outdoor areas too.

You can sweep or vacuum the tile floor to get rid of dirt, especially around the corners. We recommend you do it twice a week. Use a solution of tile surface cleaner and warm water and mop the surface once every two weeks. Avoid using abrasive cleaning tools as they can damage the surface.

Diamond and subway tiles are the most popular ombre tile shapes at present. For backsplashes, penny tiles are the most popular. Their small size brings out the ombre pattern very well.

Black, blue, terracotta, and grey are leading colors found in ombre designs as they suit contemporary spaces better. However, bold and vibrant shades are also prominent, especially when it comes to backsplashes. For wall tiling, designers like to go for neutral shades in a matte or textured finish.

Another key trend noticeable today is the arrangement or layout of ombre tiles. Modern homeowners’ aesthetics call for unstructured ombre patterns where the order of color tones steers away from the gradual fade.

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