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Inspired by Moroccan architecture, star and cross tile is a pattern that boasts elegance and simplicity. This beautiful interlocking tile design incorporates geometric chic and timeless style to any space. If you are looking for a unique, encaustic-effect tile option, this iconic due is the one to pick.

Tiletell is a leading manufacturer of high-quality star and cross tiles in China. Our extensive range of colors and finishes can help you get them customized to your liking. We provide wholesale tiles for reasonable rates and ship worldwide.

Read our guide to know why star and cross tiles make a splendid choice for modern homes!

Unique Star and Cross Tile

Star and Cross Tile Backsplash

Star and Cross Tile Backsplash

Star and Cross Terracotta Tile

Star and Cross Terracotta Tile

Star and Cross Floor Tile

Star and Cross Floor Tile

Black Star and Cross Tile

Black Star and Cross Tile

Mini Star and Cross Tile

Mini Star and Cross Tile

Star and Cross Cement Tile

Star and Cross Cement Tile

White Star and Cross Tile

White Star and Cross Tile

Cross and Star Tile

Cross and Star Tile

Full Solutions from Star and Cross Tile


Featuring an alternating design of star and cross shapes, this tile pattern brings an eye-catching geometric look. They help you decorate your place with chic and grace. Its interlocking pattern also makes installation very easy.


Green and blue are the most poular . Whether you like to opt for a single shade or a combination of two colors like the classic black and white, we have it all. From bold to neutral and soft to bright, our wide spectrum of colors will surely have the choice you prefer.


Star and cross tiles come in a series of standard sizes to suit small spaces and large areas alike. You can get them in 2”, 4”. 6”, 8”, 10”, 12”, and upwards. We can customize the tile size to fit your needs.


The eight-point star and cross are a pair that works well together. The coupling of these shapes adds a stunning visual element without being too intricate. They are a top trend in the interior design sphere.


You can purchase star and cross tiles in ceramic, porcelain, mosaic, or marble. While the handcrafted effect is best portrayed in mosaic and marble, the porcelain and ceramic materials mimic the look excellently too.


Depending on factors like sheen, texture, durability, and water resistance, you can pick a suitable finish for your star and cross tiles. They are available in gloss, matte, polished, textured, and other effects.

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Star and Cross Tile:Where Can They Be Used ?

Star and cross tile patterns are popular for both floor and wall tiling purposes. So, they are ideal for a variety of purposes.

900+ Projects from hotels, restaurants, and residential kitchens & baths to recreational spaces.

Kitchen Backsplashes

Kitchen Backsplashes

Add some graphical beauty to your kitchen backsplash with star and cross tiles. Many prefer to go with the classic white or use it in combination with a grey color. They complement dark wall colors well. You can select a glazed and smooth finish for easy maintenance.

Bathroom Showers

Bathroom Shower

Star and cross tile bring an element of creativity and character without being overwhelming. You can use them for vanity countertops, shower areas, floors, or walls. We recommend you go with a soft and neutral color palette that’s soothing for the eyes.

Homes and Apartments

Homes and Apartments

There’s no better choice than cross and star tile to adorn your home interior with simplicity and classiness. They pair well with minimally-styled furnishings and are ideal for both contemporary and traditional interiors.  

Bar and Restaurants

Bars and Restaurants

Cross and Star tile come in uncommon color combinations and unique textures. They are great for bars, restaurants, cafés, and hotels that need a luxurious and modern look. These tiles show excellent durability and water resistance.

General Hot Selling Products

The star cross tile is approved by tastemakers worldwide for their alluring pattern. Here are our best sellers that customers love!

Star and Cross Terracotta Tile

Star and Cross Terracotta Tile

The terracotta range offers you more color options in addition to its classic burnt red hue. You can get them in the glazed or unglazed finish, depending on your preference.

Star and Cross Floor Tile

Star and Cross Floor Tile

Love to add some color and shape to your floors? Star cross tiles are elaborate in look and contrast with plain wall colors. They are also a long-term investment.

Star and Cross Porcelain Tile

Star and Cross Porcelain Tile

Renowned for their durability, porcelain star and cross tiles are both an exquisite and sturdy option for interior and exterior tile applications. Get your tiles customized from us.


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Estimated Cost Analysis For Star and Cross Tile

Do you want to import cross and star tile from China? Here’s how much it will cost you.

The Process Flow & Duration Estimation

We consider our stars and cross tile to be masterpieces! Our highly skilled team manufactures them with precision, ensuring every tile meets the expected quality standards.

Step 1 – Preparing Raw Materials (2-3 days)

We source the required raw materials for tile making. We combine them in the right composition to achieve the base color accurately. Ingredients are ground, powdered, and mixed well together in a ball mill.

Raw materials preparation

Step 2 – Tile Formation (1 day)

The tile mixture is then flattened into an even layer to form the tiles. The star and cross shapes are formed separately using different forming dies. We make them in the required shape and size. Once done, we leave them to dry for some time.

Tile Formation

Step 3 – Printing and Glazing of Tiles (1 day)

The tiles are then glazed if required. The glaze, provided using liquid or enamel glass, is important for achieving the sheen and color of the tiles. It also limits water absorption and enhances the durability of the tile.

Tile Glazing

Step 4 – The Firing Process (1 day)

The tiles are then fired at a temperature ranging between 1000⁰C-2000⁰C. It eliminates moisture left in tiles and hardens the structure. Firing in roller kilns is also important to achieve the porosity of the tiles.

The Firing Process

Step 5 – Packing and Shipment (30 days)

Then, we conduct a quality control inspection on tiles. Once examined, we package them carefully and send them out for shipping from our warehouses. Our shipping partners will deliver them quickly for you.


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The Basic Knowledge About Star and Cross Tiles

The Common Pitfalls When Purchasing from China

Although we guarantee the premium quality of our tiles, it’s not the case with all the manufacturers. Customers should be aware of the following problems. 

Quality Issues

You can be duped into buying poor-quality tiles by some manufacturers. Although the price point can be attractive, these tiles can break, chip, or discolor quickly. They are not a worthy purchase. 

Delayed Delivery

If your order is delayed, it can be problematic for your tile business. You won’t be able to release the latest trends to the market on time and may even lose valuable customers. Reliability is important.

Environmental Issues

Unsustainable tile production can contribute to environmental pollution. Low-grade tiles can also lead to waste of natural resources as they end up in landfills faster. It is important to consider these aspects.

Why Wholesale Star and Cross Tiles in TileTell?

Certified Manufacturing and Quality Control

We have certifications to endorse the high-standard manufacturing process that enables us to provide the #1 quality tiles in China. We also take extra quality control measures to ensure tiles are flawless and durable. 

Factory-Directing Price

Enjoy premium products at amazingly low prices. We pass the cost-benefit of wholesale tiles directly to our customers without involving any middlemen to process the orders. Our rates are the best you can get in the market.


We don’t enforce bulk quantities on our customers. We have set a low MOQ to help startups and customers benefit from our quality star and cross tiles. You can start your tile business with a limited range. 

Logistics, Inventory, and Shipment Solutions

You don’t have to worry about inventory management. We have ready-made stocks of stars and cross tiles that we can label with your brand name and ship right away. Our cargo service providers are reliable.  

The FAQs About Star and Cross Tile

Star and cross tiles refer to a star-shaped and cross-shaped tile interlocked together for installation. The tile pattern features star tile and cross tile alternating with each other to create a geometric effect. Star cross tiles is an element from Moroccan architecture. They usually have a handmade effect to them, and the design is very popular today.

Cross and Star tile patterns are formed by interlocking the shapes together. So, it requires an eight-point star shape and a cross shape with triangular edges. We manufacture these two tile shapes separately but in similar dimensions for them to fit together.


  • Beautiful and timeless design
  • Very durable and sturdy
  • Resistant to regular traffic
  • Long-lasting
  • Water-resistant


  • Can only be laid in one pattern
  • Expensive if bought retail

The star cross tile pattern is when we lay a star cross tile repeatedly. While the layout options are limited, you can incorporate two colors into the pattern to enhance the effect. You can choose a dark color for one shape and a light color for the other to create a balanced look.

The standard star and cross tiles sizes are 6 x 12 inches, 8 x 16 inches, and 12 x 24 inches. Star cross tiles are available in varying sizes. You can also get your preferred size customized from us.

Star cross tile come in all of these materials. Each tile material has its pros and cons that you need to consider before selecting one. Star cross tile generally feature an encaustic effect with slight imperfections and color variations. In addition to our handcrafted range, we also have a selection of machine-processed tiles that mimic these features.

The most popular colors of stars cross tiles are white and grey. They are commonly used in combination to offer a neutral and charming effect. You can also find these tiles in terracotta shades and other attractive colors.

Stars cross tile is renowned for its handcrafted look, and therefore purchasing it from retail stores can be expensive. If you are looking to buy them for lower rates, the best method is to contact a reliable manufacturer in China and get them wholesale. Tiletell undertakes both small and large-scale orders. Our cross and star tile start from just $20 per square meter.

Installation is very easy. If you have prior experience, you can do it by yourself. Otherwise, look for resources or tutorials that guide you on how to install tiles accurately. As always, we recommend hiring an expert because they will be able to do an efficient job without damaging the tiles.

Yes! As bathrooms are places that get wet frequently, it’s important to select star cross tiles that are water-resistant. You can also choose them in non-slip finish for bathroom floors. We have a stunning range, specially designed for bathrooms.

Star cross tiles are ideal for both commercial and residential places. You can choose them for kitchens, bathrooms, hallways, fireplace façades, accent walls, and bedrooms. They are also great for exterior application as long as the tiles are water-resistant. Star cross tile is also a good choice for commercial spaces that need to be decorative and attractive.

Importing tiles from China is very easy. Make sure you check the import regulations in your country to understand the costs you have to incur. It is important you get in touch with a tile manufacturer in China who can arrange the logistics for you. At Tiletell, we aim to make the importing experience smooth and seamless. Our team members will guide you every step of the way!

The classic black and white color combo remain a popular pick for star and cross tile even today. It brings the perfect balance of two extremes and suits any kind of interior. Also, neutral and nude color tones are chosen for star and cross tiles because they are minimal and elegant. Today, star cross tiles are primarily used for backsplashes and bathroom showers today. You can also design an accent wall using them.

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