3x9 Subway Tile

Wholesale 3x9 Subway Tile

Who says 3×9 subway tile can’t be super stylish and functional too ? 

Subway tiles are one of the most versatile and cost-efficient tile choice for a range of applications. This is the reason why it is always in-demand in different fields and are commonly used as backsplash walls or as full-wall tiles even.

One of the best sizes for full wall coverage or for backsplash would be the 3×9 subway tiles. With our large in-stock supply, you can be sure that we would be able to meet your 3×9 subway tile needs. This guide shall give all the subway tile background from Tiletell so read on.

Unique 3x9 Subway Tile

3x9 Subway Tile

3x9 Subway Tile

3x9 White Subway Tile

3x9 White Subway Tile

3x9 Subway Tile Backsplash

3x9 Subway Tile Backsplash

3x9 White Ceramic Subway Tile

3x9 White Ceramic Subway Tile

3x9 Ceramic Subway Tile

3x9 Ceramic Subway Tile

3x9 Glossy White Subway Tile

3x9 Glossy White Subway Tile

3x9 Matte White Subway Tile

3x9 Matte White Subway Tile

3x9 Subway Tile Herringbone

3x9 Subway Tile Herringbone

Full Solutions from 3x9 Subway Tile Manufacturer


Be it classic horizontal stacking or more modern subway styles, you can choose from an array of 3×9 subway tiles from our stocks at Tiletell. With this, you can explore other patterns such as geometric, vertical, step ladder, herringbone and more.


The range of tile colors that we have at Tiletell is one of our strongest suits. From classic white, off-tones, neutrals and vibrant tones, we have them in store for you. Mix and match 3×9 subway tiles using our online gallery and check out more modern tile colors for your space.


As to size, you can check out our online gallery and our local warehouses alike and you would find that there is no shortage of 3×9 subway tiles at Tiletell. So, if you are looking for 3x9s for a full coverage tiling or just for accent and backsplash walls, you can be sure to have all the volume that you need for this size at Tiletell.


When it comes to style, you can independently mix and match through our online gallery. You can also choose from a wide range of pre-furnished 3×9 subway styles that are already featured online. There are also physical displays from our local distributors of 3×9 subway tiles so be sure to check them out too.  


At Tiletell, you are also in for a diversity of materials used in our subway tiles like the 3x9s. Most of our subway tiles are made from porcelain or ceramic. Nevertheless, you can also have a choice of marble, mosaic, and glass for other subway tile installations.


As for the finish options, you would be glad that we have mastered various tile finishes to suit a variety of style preferences. As such, we have honed, polished, textured glazed and matte 3×9 subway tiles, among others, for your liking.

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It is not easy to introduce all aspects of 3×9 subway tile, so we have prepared a lot of information on this page for you to delve into. To make sure you can find the information you want quickly, we have prepared this content directory that will jump to the corresponding location when you click on it.

3x9 Subway Tile:Where Can They Be Used ?

As have been said, subway tiles remain to be popular because of their versatility, cost-efficiency and low maintenance character. Hence, the following are the most common applications of 3×9 subway tile. 900+ Projects from hotels, restaurants, and residential kitchens & baths to recreational spaces.

Kitchen Backsplashes

Home and Apartments

The block look of the 3×9 subway tile make it a perfect choice for full wall coverage in homes and apartments. It is also used for accent walls and backsplash walls in more compact residential spaces since the size gives an illusion of space and depth especially when installed in kitchens, bathrooms, and more.

Bathroom Showers

Office and Schools

In office and schools, the 3×9 subway tile is used in bathrooms, lobbies, classrooms, bathrooms and administrative offices. The most common installation in these spaces would be the classic white subway tiles.

Homes and Apartments

Bar and Restaurants

In bars and restaurants, the 3×9 is commonly installed as full wall tile. With its block effect, it easily gives off an industrial or retro vibe making it perfect for diners and pubs. With the range of colors that we have at Tiletell, you can easily achieve this design schemes with the 3×9 subway tiles.

Bar and Restaurants

Hospital and Healthcare Facilities

In hospitals and healthcare facilities, the 3x9s are often installed in highly sterile areas which must be cleaned every now and then. As such, you can find them in testing areas and laboratories, among others. They are also popular in hospital cafeterias and bathrooms.

General Hot Selling Products

Our subway tiles are used for different tiling projects worldwide today. Take a look at our best sellers to see why they are so popular!


Wanna dig deeper in unique tiles?

There are more than 300 items in this catalog. Get access to our latest unique tiles catalogs for detailed specification and customization.

Estimated Cost Analysis For 3x9 Subway Tile

To give you a reference as to how much you would pay for 3×9 subway tile from shipment to installation, here is an estimated cost analysis for you.

The Common Pitfalls When Purchasing from China

It is a common misnomer that purchasing from China is more practical when you buy in bulk. While the amount is certainly less, here are the common pitfalls when purchasing subway tiles from China.

Quality Issues

The common complaint against tiles purchased from China is its quality. Some of the more specific issues surrounding quality would be brittleness of the tile, jagged trimming and polishing, uneven sizes and uneven coloring.

Delayed Delivery

Aside from the fact that the location is very distant, ports and customs delay along with travel restrictions are also important things to consider when purchasing tiles from China.

Environmental Issues

The large tile manufacturing factories of China are always flagged with environmental issues. Among the more common faults of these factories would be large gas emissions and improper waste disposal.

Why Wholesale 3x9 Subway Tile in TileTell?

Certified Manufacturing and Quality Control >>>

Being one of the best wholesale tile manufacturers in China, Tiletell already has a reputable global standing in the tile industry. Our products passed international quality standards and our company is consistently certified globally.

Factory-Directing Price >>>

With our systematic product flow and large in-stock supply, we at Tiletell offer the benefit of factory directing price. Thus, we can easily adjust wholesale tile prices depending on your bargain and liking.

Low MOQ >>>

With our dedication to support thriving start-up local businesses, we are applying the low MOQ purchasing. You do not have to hit a certain demand to order and get the best of our quality service. This helps in giving even comparative advantage to all clients.

Free Tile Sample >>>

For you to have a firsthand experience, you can also avail of our free tile samples. Just key in your request, give the details for the shipping process and follow up your free tile samples with our customer service.

1000+ Project Case >>>

As of writing, we are glad to share that we have finished more than 1000 project cases. We expect more project cases to come as we further innovate our products and services.

Logistics, Inventory and Shipment Solutions

From order placement, sorting, inventory and shipment, our customer service staff shall give you the most systematic and efficient service. Inquiries are also part of our service. You also need not worry about quality contril in logistics, inventory and shipment as we have already mastered the system through the years.

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