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Where to Buy Terrazzo Tile?

Where to Buy Terrazo Tile with Best Manufacturers


When it comes to tiles for different applications, one can never go wrong with the colorful, unique and textured look of terrazzo tile. These tiles have their roots in Italy. It is one of the most sustainably produced tiles because it is made by reusing marble and composite chippings.

If you intend to use terrazzo in your flooring, backsplash and exterior tiling, you must know where to buy quality terrazzo tiles. Hence, in this post, we shall feature some of the best terrazzo manufacturers and suppliers for you to consider.


1.Main Terrazzo Tile Industry Regions in The World

2.Terrazo Tiles: Where Can They Be Used?

3.List of the Best 10 Terrazzo Tile Manufacturers


I.Main Terrazzo Tile Industry Regions in The World

Tile production is one of the most prolific industries in the world. As such, the number of tiles produced year in and year out is mapped. In so far as terrazzo tiles are concerned, production is also concentrated on the main tile industry regions in the world.

To give us a backdrop of the expansive production of terrazzo tiles, the following are the main terrazzo tile industry regions in the world.


When it comes to tile manufacturing, China leads all countries not only in the Asia Pacific region but the rest of the world. From ceramic, porcelain, to handmade tiles like terrazzo, they contribute to 41% of the overall tile production in the world.

In so far as terrazzo tiles production is concerned, Chinese terrazzo companies dozed in $60M worth of terrazzo tiles in 2019 alone. Chinese terrazzo tiles are mainly inorganic and epoxy types. Terrazzo tiles alone already have a wide distribution circuit in China since they are popular tiles for commercial, industrial and residential flooring.


In the global standing, India is next to China as the overall major manufacturer of tiles including terrazzo. India produces 10% of all tile supply in the world annually. In 2019 alone, it has reached its 1B square meter mark of tiles produced.

When it comes to terrazzo production, the Indian tile industry is projected by global reports to reach a steady annual production collectively amounting to $40M up to 2025. Terrazzo tiles from India are mainly made of cement, epoxy, crushed natural stones, marble and recycled glass.


In the Latin American region, Brazil is the frontrunner when it comes to tile manufacturing and supplying. Their main products include ceramic, porcelain, terrazzo and other handmade tiles.

In the last 15 years, its market size quadrupled. In 2012, Brazil was ranked as the second largest producer of ceramic, porcelain and handmade tiles including terrazzo. The main manufacturing state of Brazil is Sao Paolo, having more than 93 tile companies scattered in it. In 2020, Brazil had a breakthrough production year at $840M collective profit from tiles alone.


The US is not just the forerunner in the North American region when it comes to tile production. It is also the top tile importer of the world. When it comes to terrazzo tiles, the US is pegged to produce 26% of the annual terrazzo tile supply up to 2026.

American terrazzo tile production has spiked to 330M per square meter in 2018 up to present.  The most imported American terrazzo tile would be the epoxy, cement, and precast type.

Ⅱ.Terrazo Tiles: Where Can They Be Used?

Like most tiles, terrazzo is also very versatile across various applications. This is the reason why terrazzo tile manufacturing can be considered as a league of its own. The following are the main applications for terrazzo tiles which you should know about.

Airports and Transportation Centers
Schools and Universities
Hospitals and Healthcare Facilities
Homes and Apartments

Ⅲ.List of the Best 10 Terrazzo Tile Manufacturers

So now that we have covered the essentials of terrazzo tiles, it is time to answer the question, where could one buy terrazzo. This list follows some of the most accessible and quality producers of terrazzo tiles in the market. Basic information breakdown is also presented for you to easily check them out.

1. TileTell

Tiletell - the Best 10 Terrazzo Tile Manufacturers

Photo by Tiletell

Tiletell is a reputable terrazzo tile manufacturer based in Foshan. Tiletell was founded in 2008 and has easily risen as a top tile manufacturing brand in the region. Its main selling point would be its handmade tiles which includes terrazzo. It also manufactures ceramic, porcelain and natural stone tiles.

It is one of the most accessible tile manufacturers online and around China. As such, you would love their high in-stock supply of terrazzo. You would find their products mainly in hotels, residential units, transportation hubs and government buildings.

Type of Business: Design, Manufacturer and Supplier

Location: Foshan, China

Year Established: 2008

Company Background and Advantage: TileTell has mastered quality terrazzo tile manufacturing and distribution through the years. Tiletell ‘s vision to expand its network of customers was achieved thanks to their support for start-up companies and small-scale distributors. They also have 2000 partner companies in 96 countries and as such have a large in-stock supply of terrazzo tiles.

Products and Services Offered: Design, manufacture and supply of ceramic, porcelain, marble, and handmade tiles including terrazzo.

2. Terrazzio

Terrazzio Tile - the Best 10 Terrazzo Tile Manufacturers

Phote By Terrazzio Tile

Terrazzio is a leading USA-based terrazzo tile manufacturer. They are popular for their large format terrazzo tiles installed primarily in commercial units. They are also pros in manufacturing customized terrazzo tiles for flooring, incorporating corporate logos and emblems.

Although considerably a baby company, it does not fall short of remarkable projects in their portfolio. Some of these would be the Bloomingdale’s, Universal Studios and Apple’s floorings in their US headquarters. Their manufacturing sites can be found in Tennessee.

Type of Business: Manufacturer and Supplier

Location: St. Joseph, Tennessee, USA

Year Established: 2000

Company Background and Advantage: As an American tile manufacturer, its main selling point is its wide network of customers. It is commissioned mainly by large US companies and government buildings for their quality customized terrazzo tiles. They also engage in highly sustainable terrazzo manufacturing, giving contractors a sure 2 LEED points every time they install one.

Products and Services Offered: Large format terrazzo tiles, customized flooring using terrazzo chips.

3. Riad Tile

Riad Tile  - the Best 10 Terrazzo Tile Manufacturers

Photo by Riad Tile

Riad Tile is mainly an online manufacturer, distributor and supplier of various tile types including terrazzo tiles. Their market advantage and selling point would be their bespoke tile designs, modern terrazzo styles, and artisanal ceramic and natural stone tiles made for different applications.

In the US, their main distribution lines are around bars, hotels and restaurants and in residential units. Their large in-stock supply is also commendable since it is able to supply North American states in same-day delivery schemes and more.

Type of Business: Manufacturer and Supplier

Location: Dallas, Texas

Year Established: 2017

Company Background and Advantage: This tile manufacturing company is an online store where you can find different artisanal products in a very accessible online gallery. It is based in Dallas and is known for its large in-stock supply of terrazzo tiles and others.

Products and Services Offered: Cement tile, Zellige, Moroccan, marble, terrazzo and other exotic tiles.

4. Angelozzi

Angelozzi - the Best 10 Terrazzo Tile Manufacturers

Photo by Angelozzi Tile

Angelozzi has roots in Italy and is known for their expertise in manufacturing precast terrazzo tiles. Other than this, they are also known for their unique designs on epoxy and cement terrazzo tile variants. Their focus on terrazzo is not just for tile manufacturing. They are also makers of terrazzo countertops, backsplashes, tile bars, and more.

They have been a reputable USA terrazzo manufacturer since 1996. As such, you could count on their terrazzo innovativeness and premium quality materials that are acclaimed by various certifying bodies for good quality tiles.

Type of Business: Manufacturer and Supplier

Location: West Berlin, New Jersey, USA

Year Established: 1996

Company Background and Advantage: This one can easily be considered as a solid and reputable terrazzo tile manufacturer. Having been around for decades, it has received various accolades including certifications from the National Terrazzo and Mosaic Association Inc., (NTMA). They have also mastered less time terrazzo tile installation through their Terralite system which eliminates high silica levels in their terrazzo products.  

Products and Services Offered: Terrazzo slabs, precast tiles, shower heads, treads and risers, countertops, mosaics, custom terrazzo furniture, one-piece logos.

5. Terrazzco

Terrazzco Tile - the Best 10 Terrazzo Tile Manufacturers

Photo by Terrazzco Tile

Terrazzco is not just a top US-based terrazzo tile manufacturer. It is also a trusted brand in wholesale building materials. Terrazzco are a go-to manufacturer for premium terrazzo flooring tile and in online precast terrazzo installation consultation.

Terrazzco are composed of a diverse team of architects, engineers and contractors which give a one-stop-shop consultancy for the whole construction. They are also a leader in sustainable terrazzo production using green materials and VOC free production.

Type of Business: Manufacturer and Supplier, Wholesale Building Materials

Location: Charlotte, North Carolina, USA

Year Established: 2010

Company Background and Advantage: This USA-based terrazzo manufacturing brand is known for their green solutions in tile manufacturing. They are certified by the US Green Council and are awarded with the Greenguard Gold certification for their relentless effort in manufacturing VOC free and gas free tiles including terrazzo.

Products and Services Offered: Terrazzo tiles, aggregate supplier, precast and epoxy terrazzo manufacturer, floor design, contracting services.

6. Top End Terrazzo

Top End Terrazzo - the Best 10 Terrazzo Tile Manufacturers

Photo by Top End Terrazzo

Top End Terrazzo is another US-based terrazzo tile manufacturing company which has been around the market for more than 35 years. It has various headquarters and offices in the entire state of California. It also has a global office in Hong Kong to target the tile needs of the Asia-Pacific region.

Their specialization includes large scale, poured-in-place terrazzo flooring installation. They also are a major supplier of seamless terrazzo tiles which comes in different shapes, thickness and colors.

Type of Business: Manufacturer and Supplier

Location: California, USA

Year Established: 1987

Company Background and Advantage: Having been around the market for a significant period of time, one of the main advantages of this manufacturer is their wide market circuit and network of customers. Product and service-wise, they also offer free customized quotations for terrazzo installations. They also have a very large in-stock supply for domestic and overseas distribution.

Products and Services Offered: Precast and epoxy terrazzo tiles, project planning and consultation.

7.TM Supply

TM SUPPLY - the Best 10 Terrazzo Tile Manufacturers

Photo by TM Supply

The 75 years of reputation of TM supply make it one of the trademark US tile manufacturers in the market. From epoxy, cement to resin terrazzo, to aggregate tiles and installation tools, they offer a wide range of products for construction and home improvements.

Their expertise focuses on terrazzo tiles as well as natural stone tile installations. Specifically, they are specializing on quartz and marble installations. They also have a large online following and an active online page for you to check their terrazzo tile products and more.

Type of Business: Manufacturer and Supplier

Location: Northgate Parkway Wheeling, Illinois, USA

Year Established: 1947

Company Background and Advantage: Having been around the tile industry for more than 75 years, TM Supply has earned a gold standard standing in the market. They are one of the trusted brands because of their sustainable production methods. This is proven by their Green Gold certification for having chemical free terrazzo products.

Products and Services Offered: Flooring plan and building consultation, natural stone and tile installations, aggregate product manufacture and supply.

8. Terrazzo Au

Terrazzo Au - the Best 10 Terrazzo Tile Manufacturers

Photo by Terrazzo Au

This Australian terrazzo tile manufacturing brand is a family-owned company which has been producing quality tiles for various applications for more than 40 years now. Its top seller would be the precast terrazzo which are perfect as flooring material for high-traffic areas.

Its main manufacturing plant is found in Western Sydney. Aside from tiles and terrazzo, they also manufacture and supply high-end construction tools and equipment.

Type of Business: Manufacturer and Supplier

Location: Holbeche Road, Arndell Park, Sydney, Australia

Year Established: 1982

Company Background and Advantage: This terrazzo manufacturer is an OHS compliant company. This means that it is compliant with green and sustainable tile manufacturing methods. They also have certifications in international quality assurance giving them a badge of trust for their international subsidiary stores.

Products and Services Offered: Terrazzo tiles, natural stones for pavers and partitions, precast terrazzo.

9. Enming Stone

Enming Stone - the Best 10 Terrazzo Tile Manufacturers

Photo by Enming Stone

When it comes to terrazzo and artificial stone tiles, this Chinese tile manufacturing store is one of the most trusted. They have a whole series of terrazzo products which includes not only tiles but also terrazzo slabs, precast terrazzo, Italian tech terrazzo, and aggregate terrazzo. 

They recently launched their three-brand terrazzo series with more or less than 400 colors, sizes, and shapes to choose from. This brand is located in one of China’s five major tile production provinces.

Type of Business: Manufacturer and Supplier

Location: Siming District, Xiamen, China

Year Established: 2012

Company Background and Advantage: Although still considered as a baby manufacturing company, its reputation when it comes to terrazzo tile products is beyond remarkable. Its focus is really on terrazzo tiles. One of its most significant strides would be their three-brand series. They also have a global reach when it comes to terrazzo supply not only in China but also in the US and the rest of Asia.

Products and Services Offered: Terrazzo tiles, countertop, table and benchtops, interior and exterior plan consultation.

10. Terrazzo Tiles

Terrazzoti Tiles - the Best 10 Terrazzo Tile Manufacturers

Photo by Terrazzo Tiles

Terrazzo Tiles is a leading handmade tile manufacturer and supplier in London. It has been in the market for 33 years now and since then, it has been a known supplier of handmade tiles like Zellige, Moroccan and terrazzo tiles.

It is a direct supplier of terrazzo and other bespoke handmade tiles in Europe, Dubai, Kuwait, Israel and other countries in the Middle East. Their products are diversified and they have one of the best delivery services in the UK.

Type of Business: Manufacturer and Supplier

Location: Belsize Park, London

Year Established: 1989

Company Background and Advantage: This manufacturer has more than 15 tile showrooms across the UK and a very accessible product gallery online. Their product focus is terrazzo, handmade tiles and cement tiles. They are a home-grown London tile manufacturing company that has been around for more than three decades.

Products and Services Offered: Terrazzo tiles, cement tiles, Zellige tiles, porcelain tiles.


Terrazzo tiles are one of the best options when it comes to flooring and other applications. Some of its selling points would be their innate durability, low wearing rate and versatile designs. They are perfect for high traffic areas like in big buildings and offices, government agencies as well as in residential units.

If you are looking for a shop to buy terrazzo tiles, you can always check the list featured here. Aside from their large in-stock supply, they are also very accessible and you can count on them for quality terrazzo tiles.

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