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Who says zellige tiles can’t be super stylish and functional too ? Known for the handcrafted look, color variations, and distinct texture, zellige is an imperfectly perfect tile variety. It is simple in design yet stunning in style. It promises superior performance and durability. It adds a lot of personality to any space. Anyone is bound to love this rustic beauty!

If you are looking for the best place to get wholesale zellige tiles, look no further. Tiletell is a leading tile manufacturing company that specializes in producing zellige tiles in different hues. We offer premium quality tiles at cost-effective prices for our customers.

Here’s a detailed guide to help you decide if zellige is the match for your house!

Unique Zellige Tiles

Green Zellige Tiles

Green Zellige Tiles

Zellige Tile Backsplash

Zellige Tile Backsplash

White Zellige Tile

White Zellige Tile

Zellige Subway Tile

Zellige Subway Tile

Zellige Tile Bathroom

Zellige Tile Bathroom

Blue Zellige Tile

Blue Zellige Tile

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Zellige tile come in solid color schemes and feature a simple and plain design. However, depending on the shape, you can layout these tiles in different ways to form patterns like herringbone, pinwheel, honeycomb, brick bond, etc.


The color variations are another factor that makes zellige tiles special. Each tile in a single set bears a subtle difference in color, bringing out the handmade effect very well. Choose from our wide color spectrum from soft and muted to bold and striking shades.


Zellige tile are usually demanded in small sizes like 4” x 4” and 2” x 6” as they emphasize the tile look very well. But you can always get your zellige tiles custom-made in bigger sizes to suit your requirements.


Zellige tiles are commonly found in the square shape as it’s very versatile. But, you also get them in hexagon, triangle, rectangle, and other tile shapes. Decorate your living space with elegance and style in your preferred shape!


We offer handmade and semi-handmade zellige tile that boast fine craftsmanship. They come in ceramic, porcelain, mosaic, and marble materials to give you more choice. Contact us to know what best fits your requirements!


The sleek and shiny appeal of zellige is truly a star factor. But, we understand that every homeowner’s aesthetic is different. In addition to gloss, our zellige tiles also come in matte and unglazed finish to suit floor tiling.

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Zellige Tiles:Where Can They Be Used ?

The minimal yet elegant look of zellige tiles makes them an icon anywhere. They are also highly durable and sturdy and therefore, ideal for different applications. 900+ Projects from hotels, restaurants, and residential kitchens & baths to recreational spaces.

Kitchen Backsplashes

Kitchen Backsplashes

Zellige tile will surely be an interesting addition to modern kitchens. You can get them done in a preferred color to suit the rest of the kitchen’s interior. Our handmade zellige tiles are also extremely sturdy and treated to be resistant to heat and water. The glossy surface is also easy to maintain!

Bathroom Showers

Bathroom Showers

Suitable for both floor and wall tiling, zellige tiles can provide a rustic and alluring appeal for bathrooms. Their glossy surface reflects light well and makes a room seem bright and airy. The high shade variation makes an aesthetic statement. Zellige tiles promise enhanced longevity and water resistance.

Homes and Apartments

Homes and Apartments

The charming handcrafted effect of zellige tiles brings a lot of creativity to any house, whether it’s modern or traditional in style. They can withstand regular wear and tear very well, and with proper care, you can expect them to last for decades. We offer zellige in bespoke shapes, sizes, and colors to suit your taste.

Bar and Restaurants

Bar and Restaurants

Create a state-of-the-art bar or eatery with the unrefined, daunting, and unique beauty of zellige tile. They are great for retro-themed spaces but also blend well with modern interior elements. The smooth surface of zellige tiles makes it easy to clean spills and stains that are a common issue in food-serving businesses.

General Hot Selling Products

Our zellige tiles are a fast-moving product in our entire tile collection. They have decorated homes for centuries, never going out of date! Here are our client favorites.

Zellige Tile Backsplash

Zellige Tile Backsplash

An exotic tile like zellige can make even small kitchens look sophisticated. Their beauty cannot be replicated. You can go for a white color scheme or a bold shade to bring out a contemporary feel.

Zellige Subway Tile

Zellige Subway Tile

Consider zellige as the high-end version of subway tile! These handmade tiles bring a lot of glamour to any space. You can lay them horizontally, vertically, herringbone-style, or in other different ways.

Zellige Tile Bathroom

Zellige Tile Bathroom

Enhance your bathroom’s style and function with our extensive range of chic zellige tiles. You can get them in a matte finish for floors and gloss finish for walls. The distinct character of each tile makes up for a visually pleasing backdrop.


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Estimated Cost Analysis For Zellige Tiles

Here’s how much it will cost to import handmade zellige tiles from China.

The Process Flow & Duration Estimation

Some of our zellige tiles are entirely handmade. Others are partially handmade and then processed using specialized machinery. Here’s a simple step-by-step explanation of how tiles are made.

Step 1 – Preparing Raw Materials (2-3 days)

Zellige tile are made using a blend of clay varieties and other ingredients. The clay is dipped in water to remove impurities. An accurate quantity of each ingredient is important to achieve the desired color. We begin to process your order by sourcing, grinding, and mixing the raw materials in the right proportion.

Raw materials preparation

Step 2 – Tile Formation (1 day)

Next, we cut out the zellige tiles. The tile mixture goes through a forming die that exerts a high pressure to cut out the tiles in the desired shape and size. When it comes to the handmade collection, our skilled artisans do it by themselves!

Tile Formation

Step 3 – Printing and Glazing of Tiles (1 day)

Zellige tiles come in both glazed and unglazed forms. The glaze form is more popular as it contributes to the classic, glossy surface of these tiles. In this case, we apply an enamel glaze over the tiles evenly at high pressure.

Tile Glazing

Step 4 – The Firing Process (1 day)

We then heat the tiles at a temperature range of over 1000⁰C to get the desired hardness and finish. The glaze converts to a translucent glass-like layer on the tiles. It keeps the imperfections and differences of zellige tiles visible to retain its uniqueness.

The Firing Process

Step 5 – Packing and Shipment (30 days)

Finally, we conduct a quality control inspection on each tile, checking for any defects. Then, we package your tiles carefully using eco-friendly materials. Our warehouses will send them for shipping, and you can expect to receive the tiles soon!


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The Basic Knowledge About Tiletell Unique Tiles

The Common Pitfalls When Purchasing from China

While we produce tiles at the highest standards, we know it’s not the case with every other manufacturer in China. Customers often face different problems when they order tiles from unreliable companies. They can encounter:

Quality Issues

It’s often tempting to choose tile manufacturers who offer tiles at uber-cheap prices. But, it usually means low-quality tiles with poor designs. They can also get damaged or chipped easily, affecting their appearance.

Delayed Delivery

Some manufacturers undertake tile orders beyond their capacity or struggle to source raw materials and complete the order on time. Delayed delivery can affect your tile business to a great extent.

Environmental Issues

Low-grade tiles are not sustainable flooring materials because they don’t last long. They are discarded faster, and they can pollute the environment. They should be recycled to minimize damage. 

Why Wholesale Zellige Tiles in TileTell?

Certified Manufacturing and Quality Control

Our zellige tiles are manufactured under a strict quality control process to ensure each tile delivers the promised durability and longevity.

Factory-Directing Price

As you buy directly from the manufacturer, say goodbye to hefty middlemen fees and benefit from very low prices for quality tiles.


Start from a limited zellige tile range to assess your potential sales. You can purchase a lower MOQ from us and introduce new products.

Logistics, Inventory, and Shipment Solutions

Inventory management and delayed shipping are no longer burdens for you. We have enough stocks ready to ship in a short time.

The FAQs About Zellige Tiles

Zellige is a handmade tile variety made using natural clay. They are characterized by their sleek appearance, monochromatic color schemes, and unrefined look. They usually come in solid colors than pattern designs. Each zellige tile is said to be unique with significant color variations and textural differences. For these two reasons, no two zellige tiles are the same. Zellige tile that are manufactured using machinery also mimic these imperfections very well to add personality to every tile. They portray the handmade effect just the same.

Hailing from the Moroccan architecture, zellige tile were originally handmade using natural clay. The colors were derived from natural pigments. Today, zellige tiles are produced using a combination of skilled craftsmanship and advanced technology to offer optimum functionality and unmatched elegance. It retains the handmade look while ensuring no defects in structure or durability.

Zellige tile are popular for their solid look with a distinct difference in color tones. The gradation varies from tile to tile. Depending on the tile shape, you can lay out the tiles in different patterns. For example, subway tiles can be laid in a herringbone pattern.

Zellige tile are commonly found in 5” x 5” and 4” x 4” sizes. While there is no specific standard tile size for zellige, it usually comes in small or medium sizes. If you need bigger sizes, contact us to get your tiles customized in the preferred size!

Traditionally, zellige is made using natural clay varieties like terracotta. Today, you can find them in ceramic, porcelain, mosaic, and marble varieties. Each material has its unique set of properties. So, make sure you weigh the pros and cons before choosing the material.

Zellige tile are available in exquisite colors like silver grey, olive, carbon, amber, terracotta, etc. White shades of zellige tiles are also very popular. Many prefer shades that bring out the raw appeal of these tiles. But, your choice depends on your preferences as we have a wide range of color schemes. You can either opt for a subdued tone or a bold shade.

Purely handmade zellige tile don’t come cheap because there’s a lot of work and effort that goes into creating them. However, machine processed tiles can be bought at a cost-effective price, and they are very similar to traditionally handcrafted zellige tiles. If you are looking for wholesale rates, contact us. Our zellige tiles start from just $30 per square meter.

You can get zellige tile for retail in leading tile stores in your city. However, the best way to get them at a lower cost is by contacting a wholesale manufacturer directly. Look for companies that undertake lower MOQ orders. Tiletell produces the best quality zellige tile in China, and our range is extensive to offer you more choice and customization.

Installing traditional zellige tiles can be tricky and complex. But, our zellige tiles can be installed easily, and if you have experience, you can do it alone. Always prep the surface well and use a quality thin-set for a seamless installation. Zellige tiles require only a small amount of grout as they are laid with no spacing in between.

Generally, zellige tile are laid close to each other, and the grout lines are almost non-existent. But, you can also leave some space for grout during the layout to highlight each tile and create movement.

Yes. Zellige tiles display excellent resistance to water. They are ideal for both floor and wall tiling in bathrooms. If you are going for a glossy finish for floors, we recommend you choose small sizes as the edges and grout lines can offer more grip.

Zellige tile are primarily used for wall tiling, although the matte finish or small-sized gloss finish zellige tiles are used for flooring as well. The rich look of these tiles makes them ideal for kitchen backsplashes, living rooms, hallways, accent walls, fireplace facades, bathrooms, etc. But, they are not a great choice for outdoor areas where they are exposed to extremely cold weather. Commercial spaces and businesses like restaurants, bars, hotels, cafés, barbershops, spas, and showrooms also use zellige tiles to decorate their interior. It really depends on your preferences!

Use a solution of a tile surface cleaner and water to wipe the surface of the tiles. The glossy surface is easy to clean and maintain. A regular cleaning routine helps you get rid of stains, footprints, dirt, and spills faster and retains the original appeal of zellige tiles. You can use a mix of vinegar and warm water to get rid of tough stains.

Zellige tiles featuring monochromatic shades have stolen the spotlight in interior design today. Colors like plum, jet black, deep blue, and emerald green can really create a striking appeal. But, you can also go for pale colors to bring out a laid-back vibe.

While square remains the dominant shape of zellige tiles, trapezoid and subway tile shapes are also very popular. The lack of prominent grout lines remains the specialty of the zellige tile look, and it creates a holistic look.

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