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We maintain transparency about our manufacturing process because our customers deserve to know how their tiles are made.

ISO, SGS…We Strive to Make the Best Unique Tiles for You

Quality tiles are one of our key strengths. We follow ISO, SGS, and other industry-certified manufacturing practices to ensure everything from sourced raw materials to the end product is of premium quality. Here’s our superior craftsmanship in 6 steps.

Superior Craftsmanship in 6 Steps

Unveil few steps out of our 12 processes. Feel free to get our catalog to discover how TileTell manufactures your unique tiles.

Raw materials preparation

Raw Materials Preparation

We utilize the best raw materials to produce your tiles. The first step is to assemble the required materials in the right proportion and mix them using water.

Tile Formation

Tile Formation

The flattened tile mixture then goes through a forming die to cut out the tiles in the required shape. The tiles are formed into their shape at high pressure to ensure precision and flawlessness. The tiles are then left to dry.

Tile Glazing

Tile Glazing

A glazing spray is applied to the tiles at high pressure as a coating. It provides a smooth appeal and sheen to the tiles. Most tiles are glazed regardless of the finish unless specified otherwise.

The Firing Process

The Firing Process

The glazed tiles go through roller hearth kilns where they are exposed to a high temperature exceeding 1000⁰C. It eliminates the moisture in tiles completely and hardens their structure. It is a crucial step to ensure tile quality.



Once the tiles are inspected for quality, they are sent out for packaging. Our specialist team ensures your goods are packed carefully with great care.



Then, the tiles are sent for shipping from our warehouses to the port of loading. We have partnered with the best logistics providers to ensure your tiles are shipped safely at a cost-effective rate.

Discover Our Quality Management

We have a strict quality control process in place to certify that every tile meets high-quality standards. While monitoring every phase of the manufacturing process, our team also runs a thorough test at the end to test the quality, durability, and finish of the end product. It also helps us eliminate damaged products. 

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