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Azul tiles can bring a vintage charm to your contemporary home with their magnificent designs. Their beautiful handcrafted look has an inimitable grandeur that transports you back to the old world. Azul porcelain tiles are also impressive in performance with enhanced durability.

Tiletell is a leading tile manufacturing company that offers a large collection of Azul tiles. They are stunning in design and hardwearing in structure. We offer wholesale tiles at affordable rates and ship worldwide.

If you like the idea of installing Azul unique tile, read our buying guide to learn more about it.

Unique Azul Tiles

Tuscany Azul Polished Tile

Tuscany Azul Polished Tile

Azul Cement Tiles

Azul Cement Tiles

Azul Porcelain Tile

Azul Porcelain Tile

Azul Scallop Tile

Azul Scallop Tile

Azul Scallop Glossy Tile

Azul Scallop Glossy Tile

Villa Azul Tile

Villa Azul Tile

Complete Solutions from Azul Tile Manufacturers


Azul tile patterns are one-of-a-kind, and their bespoke designs boast the fine craftsmanship of our artisans. You can choose from our wide collection of Azul tile patterns in vivid prints and harmonious color combinations.


Azul, a Spanish term for blue color, is the inspiration for Azul tiles. They are renowned for their deep and calming color combinations that often feature shades of blue with other tones like grey, ivory, and beige.


Whether you need Azul tile for your backsplash or living room floor, we have got you covered. Our azul tile come in different sizes, from handy to oversized, so you can use them for different purposes at home.


Azul tile mainly come in square shapes as it helps you form the motif patterns with their simple layout. But, we can also provide Azul tiles in tailor-made shapes if you prefer a more distinct or creative look.


Azul porcelain tiles are the most popular flooring material today. We also provide Azul tiles in ceramic, mosaic, and marble materials. You can select what you like based on your requirements and budget.


Do you prefer your Azul tile to be sleek and smooth or matte and textured? Either way, we have the exact finish you need. Select from glossy, textured, polished, matte, and many other finish effects.

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Azul Tiles:Where Can They Be Used ?

Our Azul tile come in both elaborate and simple designs. So, they are ideal to be installed anywhere. You can install them in indoor and outdoor areas. If it’s outdoors, you have to select thicker tiles that are resistant to frost and extreme heat. 900+ Project case .

Kitchen Backsplashes

Kitchen Backsplash

Azul kitchen tiles in charming motifs can help you create the perfect backdrop for your kitchen. It will contrast well with solid-colored cabinets, furniture, and walls. Our Azul tiles are also easy to clean and maintain, and you don’t have to worry about printed designs fading over time.

Bathroom Showers

Bathroom Shower

Azul shower tile can transform any bathroom into an elegant-looking respite. You can choose them for vanity countertops, walls, or floors, depending on your preference. We recommend you combine printed Azul tiles with solid-colored tiles to add more creativity!

Homes and Apartments

Homes and Apartments

Azul tile will surely be loved by homeowners who like to bring an artistic, retro touch to their modern houses. The intricate prints can add an avant-garde element to your home interior. Use them to adorn fireplace façades, accent walls, hallways, entryways, or verandas.

Bar and Restaurants


Azul tiles, with their aged-effect styles can help your restaurant’s interior stand out from the rest. Your guests will definitely enjoy the ambiance you create with it. They are also resistant to stains which is a major benefit for food-serving businesses that deal with spills regularly.

General Hot Selling Products

Love the idea of Azul tile? Here are our best sellers!

Calacatta Azul Tile

Calacatta Azul Tile

With the dramatic veining design of gorgeous calacatta marble, these tiles can transform any space with their splendid appeal.

Villa Azul Tile

Villa Azul Tile

Radiating inimitable beauty with their expressive designs, Villa Azul tiles are for those who love handcrafted looks and glamourous prints.

Custom Azul Tiles

Custom Azul Tiles

Want to introduce a unique range of Azul tiles to your customers? Get your order customized according to your preferred size, colors, and finishes.


Wanna dig deeper in unique tiles?

There are more than 300 items in this catalog. Get access to our latest unique tiles catalogs for detailed specification and customization.

Estimated Cost Analysis For Azul Tiles

We have provided the breakdown of costs involved when ordering Azul tile from China!

The Process Flow & Duration Estimation

We manufacture Azul tile with care and precision to ensure you receive the highest quality products. Here’s a simple step-by-step explanation of how tiles are made.

Step 1 – Preparing Raw Materials (2-3 days)

We gather the required ingredients for tile making in the required composition. They vary depending on the tile material, but the primary ingredient is clay. We grind the clay and minerals into a fine powder and form a well-combined mixture.

Raw materials preparation

Step 2 – Tile Formation (1 day)

Our highly efficient forming die will form the tile shapes in the required shape. Once the mixture is evenly distributed in the mold, a hydraulic press will exert a high pressure to convert the powder form mixture into a solid mass. The shaped tiles are left to dry.

Tile Formation

Step 3 – Printing and Glazing of Tiles (1 day)

The tiles are then glazed using a high-pressure glazing spray. Here, we coat a layer of liquid glass to give the Azul tiles their color and pattern. The porcelain/ceramic calacatta and Villa Azul tiles are printed at this stage using a high-definition inkjet printer.

Tile Glazing

Step 4 – The Firing Process (1 day)

The tiles are then fired in roller kilns at temperatures between 1000⁰C-2000⁰C to remove moisture and achieve the required porosity. It is also at this stage that the glaze hardens to glass. The firing process is important to ensure we manufacture flawless and durable tiles.

The Firing Process

Step 5 – Packing and Shipment (30 days)

We run a comprehensive quality control inspection on tiles and package the tiles carefully inside boxes. Then, we send the tiles for shipping from our warehouses. Our shipping partners will ensure you receive the goods quickly!


Want to know how to compress lead times?

The Basic Knowledge About Tiletell Unique Tiles

The Common Pitfalls When Purchasing from China

While we prioritize giving the best products to our clients, it’s not the case with all companies. Customers who order from China run the risk of falling prey to:

Quality Issues

Low-quality tiles are susceptible to break, damage, and chipping. You don’t want to sell subpar tiles for your customers or use them for your personal renovation projects. 

Delayed Delivery

If companies don’t deliver your order on time, you won’t be able to release your new product line on time. It can lead to a drop in sales and loss of customers. 

Environmental Issues

Tiles that are poorly manufactured without any regard for the impact on the environment are not sustainable products. They can contribute to pollution, ultimately affecting us.

Why Wholesale Azul Tiles in TileTell?

Certified Manufacturing and Quality Control

Why settle for substandard tiles when you can get the best from us! We are reputed for our superior manufacturing system utilizing the best talent and machinery. You will be impressed with our durable and sturdy tiles.

Factory-Directing Price

We offer tiles at factory-direct prices because you are providing the order directly to the manufacturer! Say no to hefty middlemen fees and get wholesale tiles at cost-effective rates without sacrificing quality.


If you are looking for a manufacturer that accepts lower MOQs, you have come to the right place. We don’t enforce large quantities on our customers and support small business owners who want to start with a limited range.

Logistics, Inventory, and Shipment Solutions

You don’t have to worry about inventory management as we have stocks ready to be custom labeled and dispatched immediately. We handle the essential logistics of your orders and provide quick shipping solutions.

The FAQs About Azul Tiles

Azul is a Spanish term that means the color blue. Azul tiles are blue-themed tiles that come in floral patterns, veined designs, or other prints. You can get them in different shades of blue to suit your aesthetics! Azul tiles often feature multiple earthy tones like blue and grey, blue and white, blue and brown, and blue and beige.

Azul tiles come in different materials, and the raw materials needed will vary from one to another. We manufacture Azul tiles using high-tech machinery and skilled craftspeople to get high-quality, uniquely-designed tiles.

Villa Azul tiles come in floral printed patterns similar to Moroccan tiles. They also feature linear or random veined patterns of calacatta marble varieties. Azul tiles can also come in checkered designs and solid colors.

Azul tiles come in all the standard sizes, such as 6 inches, 8 inches, and 12 inches. They are available in varying thicknesses. You can also get your preferred tile dimensions customized from us.

Azul tiles are available in ceramic, porcelain, mosaic, and marble varieties. Ceramic and porcelain offer more options, and there are looks that mimic the handcrafted and luxurious marble designs in this range. You can also go for our premium options like calacatta marble and mosaic Azul tiles.

Blue and grey or blue and white are color combinations often noted in Azul tiles. There are different shades of blue when it comes to Azul tiles. You can go for dark blue shades like navy or ink blue. Otherwise, you can go for grey-blue tones.

Traditional Azul tiles don’t come cheap because their patterns and designs are luxurious and vintage in style. The marble and mosaic options are specifically pricier. However, you can get porcelain and ceramic varieties mimicking their luxury effect for a cost-effective price.

It is not difficult to install Azul tiles. But, if you don’t have prior experience and don’t have all the required tools, we recommend you hire an expert. The cutting and placing of tiles need to be done meticulously for a neat job. It is important to space the tiles evenly for grouting as well. A professional installer can do it quickly and efficiently.

You can get very creative with the layout. Azul tiles usually come in square shapes, and if they are floral motifs or mandala designs, you can form a specific pattern with the layout. You can also mix solid-colored tiles in between. In some cases, you have to assemble four tiles to form the floral design. If it's veined design tiles, you can let the veins flow continuously from one tile to another or lay them in a different pattern.

Yes. The calming tones of Azul tiles are great for bathrooms. The bluish and greyish hues of these tiles add a relaxing vibe. As they are available in different finishes, you can choose them for walls or floors.

Azul tiles are great for residential spaces. You can install them in hallways, entryways, kitchens, bathrooms, and bedrooms. They are also ideal for outdoor installation and suit spaces like swimming pool areas, terraces, balconies, etc. They are a good fit for commercial use as well.

Avoid cleaning Azul tiles using harsh chemicals and abrasive materials as it can affect the surface of the tiles. Use a tile-specific, mild cleaning product mixed with water to mop the surface once every two weeks. Sweeping or vacuuming the surface regularly can help tiles look spotless and shiny!

Azul tiles in veined design are the most popular at present, as they offer a minimal and elegant look. They are also suitable for modern homes very well. They can be used both for floors and walls. Homeowners who prefer to add a traditional element to their homes prefer Azul tiles in floral prints. They also have a stunning handcrafted look to them.

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