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10 Best Hexagonal Tile Plus 20 of Hexagonal Tile Design Ideas


1.10 Best Hexagonal Tiles Overview

2.What type of Material is the Best for Hexagon Tile?

3.Hexagon Tile Application: Where to Put Hexagon Tile?

4.7 Steps to Choose the Best Hexagon Tile

5.20 Stunning Hexagonal Tile Ideas for Your Kitchen and Bath

I.10 Best Hexagonal Tiles Overview

Designing your home is an exciting but also mind-racking process. With the different options to choose from, it’s not easy to pick the best type of tiles to use for your interiors. When it comes to hexagonal tiles, there are surely tons of choices that you can select from. Here are the ten best hexagonal tiles that you can use for your home interior design efforts.

1.Black Hexagon Tile

Black Hexagon Tile

Black Hexagon Tile

Photo by Wayfair

Want to add a serious tone to your house interior’s color scheme? Then try installing these smooth and glossy black hexagon tiles on your floors or walls. With the addition of black color in your scheme, you can make your house look more elegant and classical. Moreover, it provides more room for decoration as it serves as a great foundation in terms of designing your home.

Moreover, you might think that installing black hexagon tiles on your home will make the lighting dimmer. That is certainly not the case, though. After all, the glossy texture allows the tiles to reflect light instead of absorbing it, despite its black color.


  • Installing black hexagon tiles always results in elegance.
  • Provides a classic look by contrasting your home, kitchen, and bathroom decorations.
  • Help you emphasize the color of the walls with its dark surface.
  • Can brighten up the room as much as lighter tiles do.


  • Makes spots and dust more visible.
  • You have to clean it more often so it looks clean.

2.White Hexagon Tile

White Hexagon Tile

White Hexagon Tile

Photo by Bedrosians Tile & Stone

If you want a classical look but has brighter lighting than the black tiles can provide, then switch your attention to the white variation. By choosing the white hexagon tiling, you can guarantee a brighter room since it reflects light the most compared to other colors.

Aside from that, you can match white hexagon tiles to any color scheme that you can think of. That is because the neutrality of color white allows it to blend with both warm and cool colors.

Furthermore, with the reflectiveness of white hexagonal tiles, your room will feel more open and airy, making it seem like a bigger room.


  • Installing white hexagon tiles will result in a brighter floor since it reflects light the most.
  • Reflecting more light helps make the room feel more spacious.
  • Provide areas for color scheme experimentation since it matches both the warm and cool spectrum.


  • Dust, stains, and cracks are more visible.
  • With no presence of theme in colors, white tiles might emphasize how bland or overloaded with colors your room is.

3.Black and White Hexagon Tile

Black and White Hexagon Tile

Mixing Black and White Hexagon Tile Patterns

Photo by Tile for Less

To give the interior of your house a more retro and vintage look, then mixing the black and white hexagonal tiles to create patterns will make a perfect combo for that goal. When installing both colors, however, you should not limit yourself to checkered or exchanging patterns. There are a lot of designs and arrangements that you can do with black and white tiles without butchering its beauty.

Although black and white hexagon tiles do not limit you with patterns, it does limit you in terms of color scheme. After all, only colors like gold, silver, and brown can properly match the combo to make it more pleasing to the eyes.


  • The best option when opting for a retro and vintage-looking interior.
  • It lets you experiment on pattern without sacrificing the quality of design.
  • Also allows you to choose plain wall designs since it promotes simplicity.


  • Limits the range of your color scheme.
  • Only a few decorations and furniture can complement the black and white hexagon tile combo.

4.Hexagon Peel and Stick Tile

Hexagon Peel and Stick Tile

Hexagon Peel and Stick Tile

Photo by By Hawthorne Lowe’s

Looking for cheaper and more efficient tiles? Then you can try getting hexagon peel and stick tiles for your walls.

With the hexagon peel and stick tile, you avoid taking the time to cut them with a wet saw. You also don’t need to prepare grout for your new tiles. Overall, peel and stick tiles let you save so much time and budget for your home project. Also, installing it will only require basic tools like a knife and ruler.

Aside from being efficient to install, hexagon peel and stick tiles also have endless designs that you can choose from. Because of that, you can easily find designs that suit the theme of your interior.


  • The best option when opting for a retro and vintage-looking interior.
  • IHelps you save your time and your money.
  • Best option for beginners looking to DIY their interior.
  • With the endless design options, you will definitely find the perfect hexagon peel and stick tile for the decorations.


  • Some hexagon peel and stick tile are not removable, thus you have to be precise during installation.

5.Marble Hexagon Tile

Marble Hexagon Tile

Natural Marble Hexagon Tile

Photo by Floor Decor

Marble hexagon tiles provide a durable yet cheap option for your home renovation or projects. After all, marble, as a natural material, remains highly durable even after many modifications. Because of its durability, you can ensure your floor tiling to be more shock-resistant, which means that, even dropping heavy objects on it, the marble hexagon tiles will still not crack.

Aside from durability, marble hexagon tiles also help your room in moderate temperature since it serves as a great insulator from heat. It helps in keeping your room bright too, because of its glossy and reflective surface.

Despite all these excellent qualities that marble hexagon tiles exhibit, it remains affordable in the market.


  • Durable and Shock-resistant.Serves as a great insulator to keep the room at a cool temperature.
  • Helps brighten up the room.
  • Suitable to any room.
  • Affordable.


  • Requires expensive maintenance when cracking and stains occur.

6. Blue Hexagon Tile

Blue Hexagon Tile

Blue Hexagon Tile

Photo by Tile Bar

Another hexagonal tile that can exhibit a classic look on your interior is the blue hexagonal tile. Its color is closely related to water that offers a refreshing look to your home.

Moreover, because different shades of blue exist, it can serve the same purpose that black tiles and white tiles do. Light shades of blue can provide an airy and more open feel in your room. On the other hand, dark shades of blue will exhibit elegance, when paired with colors like gold and brown.

However, it remains suggested to use blue hexagonal tiles in rooms associated with water such as the bathroom of the kitchen.


  • Provides a relaxing and refreshing mood to your room.
  • Can be paired with several colors with the different shades of blue.
  • Can make your room either feel spacious or look more elegant, depending on the choice of shade.


  • Easily makes your room look overloaded with decoration and colors when the theme and color scheme is not present.

7. Elongated Hexagon Tile

Elongated Hexagon Tile

Elongated Hexagon Tile

Photo by Perigold

Elongated hexagon tiles serve different purposes depending on the manner that it is elongated. It can either provide flexibility on the design or make your room look larger and airy.

When hexagonal tiles are elongated to make it look thinner but longer, it can provide a lot of room for you to create designs. This kind of elongated hexagonal tile remains suitable to the walls rather than the floor because of its emphasis on design and patterns.

Moreover, hexagonal tiles that are elongated crosswise are suitable for flooring, since it helps make your room airier and spacious. By using this type of elongated hexagon tile, you will not have to limit your color selection to lighter ones since the shape of the tiles already serve its purpose.


  • Have a variety of purposes depending on how elongated the hexagonal tile is.
  • Provide freedom when designing your wall.
  • Do not limit your color palette to lighter shades when trying to make your room look more spacious.


  • Using longer but thinner tiles on the floor can make your room look narrower and suffocating.

8. Hexagon Terracotta Tile

8. Hexagon Terracotta Tile

Hexagon Terracotta Tile

Photo by CA’ PIETRA

Much like marble, terracotta also serves as a durable and shock-resistant material that can be used to make tiles. Because of its natural resistance from mold and bacteria, choosing hexagon terracotta tile can secure you a long lasting tiling to your floors and walls.

Despite its durable qualities, hexagon terracotta tiles can be damaged easily when not properly sealed since it is naturally porous. That said, it is advised to seek help from experienced or professional personnel when installing hexagon terracotta tiles.

Also, because terracotta is a natural material, the hexagon terracotta tiles only provides you one choice of color, with the shading not even consistent to every piece.


  • Adds a durable surface to your walls and floors.
  • Can suit different room settings like living room, kitchen, and even outdoor patio.
  • As long as it is tightly sealed and installed on the surface, it can lessen your maintenance cost.


  • Provides singular color option.
  • When not tightly sealed, it will absorb water and moisture quickly, causing cracks.

9. Hexagon Mosaic Tile

Hexagon Mosaic Tile

Hexagon Mosaic Tile

Photo by Backsplash

If you want to provide a more artistic and creative approach to your wall and floor tiling, then the hexagon mosaic tile makes the perfect option for your project.

Hexagon mosaic tiles are often used to give life to the walls of a room because of how artistic and colorful the designs of this kind of tile are. You can easily make vibrant patterns with hexagon mosaic tiles.

Although hexagon mosaic tiles can still be used in flooring, it is heavily advised not to do it since it will make your room unpleasant to the eyes since it will be overloaded with colors.


  • Provides more aesthetic value for your room.
  • Dust and spots are not easily spotted, which results in low-maintenance.
  • Allow you to create a person to your room with the designs and patterns it exhibits.
  • It sticks very well on the surface.


  • Not suitable to install on flooring, especially on open rooms such as the living room and kitchen.

10. Grey Hexagon Tile

Grey Hexagon Tile

Grey Hexagon Tile

Photo by Tilebar

Since in a spectrum, the color gray sits in between black and white, it can serve the same purpose that both colors have, depending on which side the shade of gray leans toward more. Simply put, darker shades of gray hexagon tiles result in elegance while lighter ones’ result in a spacious room.

Moreover, much like both black and white, gray hexagon tiles also match different color schemes, may it be warm or cool. However, with its naturally pale color, it remains a terrible idea to match it with bright colors such as pure yellow and red.

Furthermore, choosing a monochromatic color scheme remains the best option if you want to emphasize simplistic design and decorations.


  • Can serve the same purpose as black and white tiles does but has more options in color.
  • Matches both warm and cool color spectrum.
  • Provide elegant looks with monochromatic decoration.


  • Much like the white option, installing gray hexagon tiles requires you to follow a color theme or else it will look blander or overloaded with colors.

II.What type of Material is the Best for Hexagon Tile?

1. Porcelain

Hexagon porcelain tiles

Hexagon Porcelain Tiles

Hexagon porcelain tiles’ surface has a smooth and poreless quality, making it one of the perfect materials that can help block out moisture. Because of its resistance to water and moisture, it remains ideal to install in places that are prone to being wet such as the kitchen and the bathroom. It is also suitable as a flooring on your porch since it is exposed from the rain and the snow.

Aside from being water-resistant, hexagon porcelain tiles are also durable. It will not break easily when heavy objects fall, and it also does not scratch. That is because it is made from denser and finer clay, finished with fire of high temperature.

Moreover, because of its smooth surface, porcelain tiles are easy to maintain and clean. Dust can easily be swept away by a broom or a vacuum, while you can wipe off stains with a slightly wet rag.

2. Mosaic

Hexagon marble tiles

Hexagon Mosaic Tiles

Mosaic tile is not necessarily a material, rather, a type of tile that focuses on creating patterns, images, and designs that adds creativity to the room. It can be made from ceramic, natural stone, and even porcelain, thus, it will contain the qualities of the materials that it was manufactured from.

However, as said above, mosaic tiles focus on creating patterns, which set itself apart from other tiles. After all, regular tiling uses a uniform shape, size, and color of tiles, while mosaic tiles are the opposite. It uses various shapes, sizes, and colors that draw out designs on your floor or your walls.

Rest assured that there are already pre-set mosaic tiles in the market so you don’t really have to DIY your own designs. Although you can find options that allow you to buy a set of tiles with different dimensions and colors, for you to be creative and do the designs yourself.

3. Marble

Hexagon marble tiles

Hexagon Marble Tiles

Hexagon marble tiles are one of the tiles that are the most compacted and dense. Because of that it weighs heavier compared to other tiles made out of other materials, and of course, it contains better qualities. With how dense and packed marble tiles are, you can rest assured that your tiling will be more durable than ever. Its capability to resist impact and scratches can be compared to porcelain tiles.

Moreover, hexagon marble tiles also provide a glossy surface which can make your floor, countertops, and walls shinier than ever. Its smooth and shiny surface exude an elegant feeling that it can make your bathroom, kitchen, or even your living room look more beautiful.

That said, if you are looking for durable tiles that can beautify your room, hexagon marble tile serves as an ideal option for your project.

.Hexagon Tile Application: Where to Put Hexagon Tile?

1. Hexagon Tile Backsplash

Hexagon Tile Backsplash

Hexagon Tile for Backsplash

The purpose of installing tile backsplash on kitchen and bathroom walls is to prevent the wall from getting wet and moisture. However, with hexagon tile backsplash, you can improve the appearance of your walls while serving the same purpose.

After all, most hexagon tiles are water resistant, preventing it to avoid water and cause moisture on the wall. Moreover, it also comes with different designs that you can choose from to beautify your walls.

2. Hexagon Tile Feature Wall

Hexagon Tile Feature Wall

Hexagon Tile Feature Wall

Since you can find different colors, sizes, and designs of hexagon tiles, you can easily decorate your feature wall so that it can radiate the exact energy that you want your room to exhibit.

You want your room to exude a quiet mood? You can find grey hexagon tiles to match that energy. How about a refreshing and restful atmosphere? There are blue hexagon tiles that can help you with that. No matter what mood you want, you can rest assured you will have the right hexagon tiles for your project.

3. Hexagon Tile Fireplace Surround

Hexagon Tile Fireplace Surround

Hexagon Tile Fireplace Surround

The surround is the front part of the fireplace, which means people visiting your house often see that part. Fortunately, hexagon tiles come with a variety of designs that you can choose from, so you can decorate your surroundings however you like.

However, you should still put in mind that the hexagon tile that you will be choosing will withstand the heat of the fireplace. Be advised that ceramic hexagon tile is the most suitable type since ceramic, as a material, can endure the high temperature that radiates from the fireplace.

4. Hexagon Tile Flooring

Hexagon Tile Flooring

Hexagon Tile Flooring

Of course, hexagon tile also suits your flooring. It is more than durable enough to withstand your steps and any impact from falling heavy objects. It also comes in different designs and colors that can help improve the appearance of your home.

Keep in mind, however, that the color of your tiles will affect the mood or feeling established in your room or house.

5. Hexagon Tile Shower

Hexagon Tile Shower

Hexagon Tile Shower

As mentioned above, although it really depends on the material, hexagon tiles are water-resistant that prevents it from absorbing water and moisture. With that, it remains suitable to install it on your shower and bathroom.

Moreover, hexagon tiles also come with various designs that can help you either make your shower look elegant or spacious.

6. Hexagon Tile Bar

Hexagon Tile Bar

Hexagon Tile Bar

Because kitchen bars are prone to chair scratching on the surfaces and objects falling, choosing to tile it with durable hexagon tiles remains an ideal option. This can help reduce the maintenance cost of your kitchen bar floor.

Not only that, with the water-resistant of the tiles, you can rest assured that you can easily clean liquids like oils and condiments that can potentially stain the floor.

.7 Steps to Choose the Best Hexagon Tile

1. What First? Timeless over Trendy

When choosing what type of tile to purchase, you should find the best quality for before searching for the design that you need. To know whether the hexagon tiles are at best quality, it should contain at least these two things: Durable and Water-Resistant.

Of course, the tiles should be durable to endure impact from your footstep and falling objects. If the hexagon tiles that you pick are not durable enough, then it can easily be damaged by your activities.

Moreover, it should also be water-resistant to prevent moisture from diffusing into the floor or walls, causing the tiles to dismount. This can cause accidents like you slipping or the tiles suddenly falling on you.

2. Modern or Minimalism Style?

After deciding what material to use, you should then define the overall theme of your room so you can then pick what color and design you need for your hexagon tiles.

For example, if you want to have a minimalistic room, then you can opt for plain black and white tiles and then provide contrast through furniture and decoration. That’s not to say, however, that you cannot use black and white tiles for a modern room design. After all, you can pair it with gold, gray, and silver to make a modern room decoration.

Moreover, there are several room designs that you can choose from aside from modern and minimalist, such as edgy, contemporary, retro, and classic.

3. Go Big or Small?

Big and small tile sizes have different options.

Small tile sizes are often used on walls to provide more windows for you to decorate and create patterns or images. You can use small tiles to design your backsplash, feature wall, or even your fireplace surround. Although you can still use small tile size on your flooring, it will, however, make your room look narrower.

On the other hand, bigger tiles are more suitable on floors since it can make the room look airier and spacious. You can also use it on walls if you want to focus on simplicity instead of creating patterns.

4. Which Layout? Be playful

Because the hexagon is a six-sided shade, the natural diagonals and horizontal lines provide a lot of room to experiment with the tile designs.

For example, hexagonal tile sets the perfect shape for you to create zigzag patterns for your walls and floor. Not only that, you can obviously do honeycomb designs because of its naturally hexagon shape. You can also create diamond-shaped patterns to make use of its horizontal lines.

Nonetheless, with hexagonal tiles, you have a lot of layouts available. You just have to be creative and playful when deciding what kind of design you want your floor nand wall to exhibit.

Hexagonal Tiles Create Zigzag Patterns for Your Walls and Floors

5. Rougher Textures or Polished Flat Surface?

When deciding what texture to choose, you should consider which part of the house you are going to install the hexagonal tiles.

If you are going to install it on your floors and countertops, then choosing the polished flat surface will definitely be the best option. It will let you do your activities more smoothly than having rougher tile texture on those surfaces. Also, it will be easier to sweep, wipe, and clean since the surface is flat.

Moreover, you can choose rougher texture when installing it on your walls, to personalize your room better.

6. Hate Cleaning? Factor in how easy it is to clean

Most flat and smooth hexagonal tiles are easy to clean. You can easily sweep the dust on the floor with a broom, or wipe your tiled countertops with a wet rag and the dirt is now gone from the surfaces. Obviously, rough textured tiles will be harder to clean since dust can get stuck on the design and you will find difficulty wiping it off.

Moreover, in terms of materials, porcelain and marble tiles are the easiest ones to clean because of its naturally smooth surface. It also does not stain easily so you do not have to clean it often, compared to terracotta that stains quickly.

7. Play with shape, tile patterns, and texture for a modern twist

Want a perfectly chaotic look on your floor and walls? You can try choosing irregular hexagons to create inconsistency on the design. You can also choose to combine different shapes like trapezoid and triangle to form the hexagonal shape, giving the shape different colors.

Want a retro look in your room? You should opt for patterned tiles that repeat images and symbols on the floor tiling. You can also use the patterned tiles to create and add a visual interest in a plainly decorated and designed room.

Lastly, you can use textured tiles to add a more classical or modernized look on your floors and walls. Or you can use the textured tile to create a sense of movement in your room.

.Hexagon Tile Application: Where to Put Hexagon Tile?

1. Retro Hexagonal Tile

Retro Hexagonal Tile

Retro Hexagonal Tile

If you want to have an antique and vintage look on your floors and walls, then you can try retro hexagonal tiles. Some retro hexagonal tiles are brown-heavy so that it exudes a wooden-like appearance. Some designs, however, include repeating patterns that can make your surface look more classical.

2. White Hexagonal Tile

White Hexagonal Tile

White Hexagonal Tile

Make your kitchen and bathroom look more spacious and airy by choosing while hexagonal tile for your tile flooring and walls. You can feel that you have a lot more rooms to move to and that you will feel more comfortable moving around those two utility rooms.

3. Black Hexagon Tile

Black Hexagon Tile

Black Hexagonal Tile for Kitchen

Give your bathroom and kitchen a more elegant look by installing black tiles on your floor, walls, and countertops. Pair it with colors like gold, gray, and silver, your utility rooms will look a lot more modernized. It can look more appealing when your furniture contrasts the tiles.

4. Multicolor Hexagon Tile Mosaic

Multicolor Hexagon Tile Mosaic

Bathroom Multicolor Hexagon Tile Mosaic

Want to be more creative in tiling your bathroom and kitchen walls? The multicolor hexagon tile mosaic can help you give those rooms a more artistic look. That is because these tiles mosaics provide you a lot of window to create patterns and images that help utilize your creativity.

5. Large Hexagon Tile

Large Hexagon Tile

Large Hexagon Tile for Bathroom Wall and Floor

Prevent visual suffocation on your kitchen and bathroom floors and walls by installing large hexagonal tiles. With these large tiles, the required grout joints will be lessened which can help reduce visual interruption. Moreover, it also helps create a cleaner and more harmonious appearance.

6. Patterned Hexagon Tile

Patterned Hexagon Tile

Patterned Hexagon Tile

Patterned hexagon tiles help dictate which part of the kitchen should be highlighted. After all, the patterned tiles will become the center of attention in the room, especially when everything else is plain. Make sure that you do not fill the whole room with patterned tiles or it will get overwhelming for the eyes.

7. Blue Hexagon Tile

Blue Hexagon Tile

Blue Hexagon Tile for Floor

Provide refreshment in your eyes by choosing blue hexagon tiling on your kitchen and bathroom floor or walls. It can also serve a different visual purpose depending on the shade that you choose. Lighter blue can help make your room feel spacious while darker ones’ result in elegance.

8. Hexagon Tile with a 3D Cube Design

Hexagon Tile with a 3D Cube Design

Hexagon Tile with a 3D Cube Design

If you are a fan of optical illusion, then the 3D Cube Design is recommended for you. Although the shape itself is hexagon, the three different shades that it contains make it seem like a 3D Cube, stuck in the 2D dimension. It remains suitable for both floors and walls.

9. Stone-Look Hexagon Tile

Stone-Look Hexagon Tile

Stone-Look Hexagon Tile

Add texture to your home by installing stone-look hexagon tiles. Its stone-like texture and appearance exudes a more authentic appeal to your kitchen and bathroom. Moreover, its texture allows it to prevent the surface from wearing and scratching, which means less expense for the maintenance.

10. Concrete-Look Hexagon Tile

Concrete-Look Hexagon Tile

Concrete-Look Hexagon Tile

Much like the stone-look hexagon tile, concrete-look hexagon tiles can also add texture to your walls. However, the difference is its concrete appearance and texture exhibit a plain but strong appeal to your room. It is, however, prone to scratching, depending on what material is used to manufacture the product.

11. Textured Hexagon Tile

 Textured Hexagon Tile

Bathroom Floor and Wall Textured Hexagon Tile

Add more interest to your kitchen and bathroom with textured hexagonal tiles. The dimensions it provides to your walls adds more visual appeal and gives life to your room. Moreover, it also helps develop a sense of drive or movement, especially in your kitchen.

12. Variegated Hexagon Tile

Variegated Hexagon Tile

Variegated Hexagon Tile for Kitchen and Bathroom Wall

Although variegated hexagon tile provides texture to your walls, its main attribute is the shading difference that it exhibits. With the shading difference on your kitchen and bathroom walls, your room will exhibit a naturally rustic and stone-y look. Even without changes in color, the changes in shading helps add more visual interest.

13. Staggered Hexagon Tile

 Staggered Hexagon Tile

Staggered Hexagon Tile

Want a more edge-y look in your kitchen and bathroom? Choosing the stagger hexagonal design remains an ideal option for that style. The six vertices of a hexagonal tile allow room for its sharp edges to be of visual interest, instead of straight and soft grout joints.

14. Grey Hexagon Tile

 Grey Hexagon Tile

Grey Hexagon Tile

With proper utilization of monochromatic themes on your furniture, installing gray hexagon tile can further emphasize your design ideas. Moreover, blue tiling, gray hexagon tile can also make your look more spacious or elegant, depending on the shade that you will choose for your kitchen and bathroom floor or walls.

15. Elongated Hexagon Tile

 Elongated Hexagon Tile

Elongated Hexagon Tile

Installing elongated hexagon tiles help add more authenticity and unique look on your kitchen and bathroom walls. After all, it breaks the even dimensions that a regular hexagon has, which helps visually lengthen your wall. Also, you can utilize your creativity by creating patterns, when installing it yourself.

16. Hexagon Subway Tile

 Hexagon Subway Tile

Hexagon Subway Tile

Hexagon subway tile helps create a classical look on your kitchen and bathroom walls with its brick-like look. Moreover, its classic design can provide you versatility when putting on furniture and decorating, since it matches with any interior style that you can find.

17. Horizontal Picket Fence Tile

Horizontal Picket Fence Tile

Horizontal Picket Fence Tile

Horizontal picket fence tiles are in the same kind of hexagon subway tile; the difference is the orientation. After all, the horizontal picket fence tiles are, well, horizontal in nature. However, it exhibits the same classical look, while providing versatility in terms of decoration and interior designing.

18. Distorted Hexagon Tile

Distorted Hexagon Tile

Distorted Hexagon Tile

Give your kitchen and bathroom the perfectly chaotic looks by installing distorted hexagon tiles. Distorted hexagons refer to irregular dimensions of the shape, where either no sides are equal, or there are three pairs of equal sizes. Nonetheless, its chaotic and inconsistent design allows natural appeal to flourish.

19. Tile Shapes That Combine to Form Hexagons

 Tile Shapes That Combine to Form Hexagons

Tile Shapes That Combine to Form Hexagons

You can also try mixing and combining different shapes like triangle, rhombus and trapezoid to form a hexagon with different colors and grout joints, to attain the same chaotic and inconsistent vibe. However, it is ideal to use the idea on flooring to reduce visual interruption.

20. Green Hexagon Backsplash Tile

Green Hexagon Backsplash Tile

Green Hexagon Backsplash Tile

Green hexagon backsplash tile provides highlight on your ordinarily designed kitchen and bathroom, since it heavily contrasts the usual color of cabinets which is white and brown. With the green hexagon backsplash tile, you can make your plain furniture stand out and become the star of the room.

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